great depression

Hope and change?

Is this the hope and the change you wanted?

Watch the video below for more information on what we are facing and how it is not going to be so easy this time around, you see we interviewed a 98 year old woman who remembers the Depression for what it was not what the liberals in the Senate want you to believe but how it really was back then.

You know what she said that really made us pause?

She said that it would be worse this time because back then people knew their neighbors and people got together and they shared food when they had it, they made sure that kids did not starve.

This time she pointed out that many people do not even know their neighbors…

Think about that, do you know who lives in your apartment complex and have you ever shared a meal together?

My friends it is going to get a lot worse for many people in this nation are not prepared and many more will not even try to prepare simply because they believe the lies that they are told to believe.

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The end of prosperity

Is this the end of American Prosperity?

Will Barack hussein Obama be the last American President?

Is this the hope and the change that you wanted?

The Great Depression lasted from 1929 to 1941, a total of 12 years.

Almost 50 percent of all the children in the US did not have enough food or even a place to live medical was almost non existent.

The stock market lost more than 29 Billion dollars in the first week of the depression.

More than three quarters of a million farmers went bankruptcy, many never again were farmers.

They lost their land their homes and everything they ever worked for.

The unemployment rate was more than 24 percent.

Almost every nation abandoned the gold standard in favor of printing more money which caused even more problems for the people that were left to starve in the streets.

After the initial crash, there was a wave of suicides in the New York’s financial district. It is said that the clerks of one hotel even started asking new guests if they needed a room for sleeping or jumping.

The “Three Little Pigs“—released May 27, 1933, and produced by Walt Disney—was seen as symbolic of the Great Depression, with the wolf representing the Depression and the three little pigs representing average citizens who eventually succeeded by working together.