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Gop Caves?

Will the GOP cave in to the demands of the liberals who only represent 8 percent of the American people?

If that is what the GOP is all about then I no longer want to be associated with the Republican Party

I am sick of spineless sniveling whining democrats and republicans in Washington selling us down the river.

Time to vote them all out, if they cant do what we elected them to do they need to go home.

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Aborton Funding?

Is that what happened? Are the democrats really threatening to shut down the government because they cannot stop wasting money. It is really crazy, you know funding NPR which only represents 8 percent of the view of the American people.

Funding Planned Parent hood, which allegedly supports and makes arrangements with doctors to terminate the lives of unborn children and they do this with public tax dollars?

Is that really what the liberals want their children to remember?

If that is what they really want I say shut down the government.

WE do not need them but they do need us.

WE are the people they have no power.

We are sick of all the lies…


Republicians take the house?

Will the republicans, make it better or will they cave,

Will the Republicans make any difference in the long term or will they once again let us down as they have done in the past.

Now things are different, why do republicans have to do anything, because Americans voted for gridlock, and they should have it right?

Will the republicans have to sit at the back of the bus now?

is this possible, is this even true, do you see this happening?

Are Americans sending Obama a message, that you must do as you say you will do.

Why are we headed in the wrong direction.