Gas prices go up

When will it stop, and when will Obama be blamed for it like Bush was?  Are they really this dumb that they think the public is not aware of their duplicity?   Will history repeat, remember when a previous president tried to control the market by putting a freeze on prices and how disastrous it […]

If the Dollar is worthless?

Gold can you eat it, or are they all just a bunch of Gold Liars? Over the past two years, the price of Gold has gone up and up and up. There have been many different commercials that talk about how the dollar is worthless and that you should buy gold. Something about that statement […]

Gop Caves?

Will the GOP cave in to the demands of the liberals who only represent 8 percent of the American people? If that is what the GOP is all about then I no longer want to be associated with the Republican Party I am sick of spineless sniveling whining democrats and republicans in Washington selling us […]