Harry Reid forgets?

Recently Harry made the news when he attempted to tell the entire world that everyone that said they experienced Obama Care problems were Liars.  Why do we have these people in office, they would likely be happier in a home anyway, so why do they just keep on, when they so long ago stopped representing […]

Gop Caves?

Will the GOP cave in to the demands of the liberals who only represent 8 percent of the American people? If that is what the GOP is all about then I no longer want to be associated with the Republican Party I am sick of spineless sniveling whining democrats and republicans in Washington selling us […]

Fox news may not be so fair and ballanced?

Is Fox news really Fair? Are they really Balanced, because often it looks more like entertainment than it does news. Could the liberals be right about Fox not being a “real” news company? or are they loosing touch with their viewers? You see a lot of this negative talk, allegedly… It really seems like fox […]

Kagan will we loose our liberty under this woman.

Will Kagan be able to work with real judges? Is this the end of the supreme court? Will they allow the janitor to be a judge next, perhaps it would be better if they did, I would trust the janitor…  To do the right thing…. Kagen is not qualified to serve and that is the […]