Stupid Judges?

Over the last few months the trial of Casey Anthony was a great demonstration of how not to prosecute a case. You saw evidence submitted that was not even scientifically sound, (an electronic sniffer gadget) which is based on some pretty shaky, scientific ground, it has been used effectively for detecting criminal actions, like the […]

Media Bias

The Media does not like the tea party, no surprise there as it has long been established that the media is not really that impartial in its reporting of the news, however it begs the question that should be something everyone is talking about, which is how can the media only present one side of […]

Fox news may not be so fair and ballanced?

Is Fox news really Fair? Are they really Balanced, because often it looks more like entertainment than it does news. Could the liberals be right about Fox not being a “real” news company? or are they loosing touch with their viewers? You see a lot of this negative talk, allegedly… It really seems like fox […]

Did fox news tell the real story?

Is Bill really as moderate as he claims to be? It would seem that the spin stops here slogan has over the last few weeks, been more of a the spin starts here. Is Bill still the no spin zone, or is he letting everyone slide these days, is bill mellowing out, because this does […]