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Constitutional Freedom of the press

What is happening in Washington.

Can congress do anything at all?

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Whoppi Race Card?

Well you just never know or do you, the idea is that everyone is a racist but in politics people are bound to disagree, is that not just part of what it means to be human, it is not always about race.

So why is it so easy to do this?

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Shut down Washington

Is it time to Shut them down and Vote them out of office?

This is the time to figure out what the deal is…

Time to figure out who is telling the truth and who is a liar…

If this is not the hope and change you voted for it is time to vote them all out of office.

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shut down of 1995

So wait this is not the first time this has happened, but do we not know our own history?

Or is it due to faulty reporting by so called fair and balanced reporters?

So what is up with the lack of coverage on this topic?

Why is the Media not covering this news story, is it not news that we have faced government shut down before and magically the world did not end? Why is the media not covering this news story and what does that say about a news company that will not cover the news are they really a news company or are they an entertainment company instead.

arlen spector arlen speter arrogant america bad health care Bail Out banks are stupid Barbara Wa Wa biased fox news Biased polls bogus news bogus news coverage cnn common sense constitution constitutional constitutional states rights

Is this the end?

Will we survive a Government shut down, some say yes, others say no, but if history has anything to say about it, we know this has happened before, so what is up with all the fear mongering, and who is really at the bottom of all the drama.

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Gun Bans will not help

In so many ways we can learn from this, yet, for the most part since Prayer was taken out of schools we have seen a steady increase in violence, is it a coincidence?

What happened this Saturday was a tragedy but it could have been prevented had they only had a minimal security detail.

That is the real story here one that likely you will not see on the news but you can see it here.

The truth is that Gun Bans would not have prevented this terrible tragedy.

A security detail would have reduced and likely have prevented this from happening.

Gun Bans have not worked anywhere ever, because it is not guns that kill people but people that kill people, even if you could some how take away every gun everywhere, people would pickup rocks and sticks and still you could not stop it.

Insanity is the idea that you can keep doing the same thing over and over again and get a different result, it has been tried already and it has failed, we have the right to keep and bear arms and that is not going to change just because a few liberals want to take advantage of a tragedy like this they should be ashamed of what they are trying to do.

Join the NRA and support the right to keep and bear arms, otherwise only criminals will have guns.

The UK with all their restrictions still can not prevent a lunatic from killing people?

Consider this.

Published: 6/4/10, 12:46 PM EDT
LONDON (AP) – A taxi driver killed 10 victims in a single hour during a shooting rampage in rural England in which he murdered 12 people and wounded 11 others, police said Friday.

Craig Mackey, chief of police for the county of Cumbria, said Derrick Bird murdered his twin brother and a family lawyer “before departing on a 45-mile rampage across west Cumbria.” He shot a fellow cabbie at a taxi stand and then drove through the countryside in his cab, blasting victims seemingly at random. Many were shot in the face.

Police said the 52-year-old, who committed suicide after the attacks, used his knowledge of the area’s narrow country roads to elude police.

“Twelve innocent people – mother, fathers, partners and friends _were brutally murdered as they went about their daily lives,” Mackey said. He said investigations had found that Bird killed 10 of his victims in about 60 minutes on Wednesday.

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News OCD 24 hour sick news

Should fox news be shut down?

Do News companies have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

With this 24 hour news cycle we apparently have to listen to the same old news story for hours on end as if it were the only news and as if no one has yet seen the news, repeating over and over again the same news.

I question this from a psychological viewpoint since once the news story has been reported at what point does a news story become obsessive and invasive, right now Fox news has been playing the 911 calls that were made at the height of the emergency. If you watch the news more than 4 hours in one day what are the chances that you might have to go to a psychiatrist, and get a prescription for depression.

Sounds insane right but what if there were some facts to back this up?

When does this become a sickness?

Do people really want to hear the dramatic and obvious suffering of other humans?

Is this what our news companies have been reduced to reporting?

In some cases you may begin to wonder when news coverage should end and compassion, respect for the dead and suffering families, should begin, when you begin to question the morals of a reporter’s compassion or lack thereof I expect it is high time for the news to change its tune.

If you are unaware of the tragedy that took place over 24 hours ago, you obviously are not in touch with the world around you nor are you concerned at all, so why keep on with the 24 hour news cycle in these cases?

A while ago a few people began to question the necessity of what we call news these days, in fact 20 years ago much of what is reported on the news would never have been aired. Yet, we continue to see this trash journalism, make the 24 hour news cycle over and over again.

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Join the NRA ?

What do you mean? Well this might sound insane but Gun control has been tried and it failed. However, the liberals once again want to try out Gun Bans and Gun control even after it has been proven to be a failure, just like Health care run by the government has failed in every country it has ever been tried.

The definition of Insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

Gun control does not protect anyone, it actually makes is worse.

Protect your constitutional right to keep and bear arms liberals are the ones that we need protection from.

Visit NRA today and join.

Do not let the insane liberals take away your rights because that is what they will do if we sit by and watch them try to do trample on the constitution.

Donate if you can to help with the defense of the right to keep and bear arms Stop the insanity.

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could the polls be wrong?

We may not know for some time yet, but one thing for sure, I believe there will be a lot of surprised people soon.

Many people wonder about how polls are done, for the most part, it is about as scientific as counting how many people it takes to change a light bulb, wait thats a joke and for the most part so are many of these polls.

Most of the polls sample, a few people in random, but if you want to influence, the polls, and many people do then you just make phone calls in areas you know you will get the result you want to get.

Then there is the way you ask the question, you can say do you like ice cream and you will get a high percentage of yes answers.

or you could say do you like vegetable flavored ice cream and get a high percentage of no answers.

The problem is that the entire process is entirely subjective mostly because we are human.

Since we are human we are subject to making an error and in some cases down right evil behavior.

The main thing here is that liberals organizations tend to produce biased polls and far right zealots will likely produce their own biased polls, so how do you know the true will of the people, well that will come with time.

Time is required, because there are literally some people that will not decide until they enter the booth those people cannot be polled, Voting is a private thing, and for the most part, people will not tell you what they will vote for one way or the other and that is as it should be.

So take the polls and throw them out the window, they are worthless, what we are voting on today is to balance the insanity.

We are sending a message that you cannot ignore the will of the people and get away with it.

We do not want to hear a bunch of crying and gnashing of teeth, because you knew what was coming.

You knew what would happen if you did not, then you have no business being in charge.

It is for the people by the people.

If you got lost somewhere along the way thats your problem we are the people and we will not be lied to we will not be oppressed by lies.

Those of you that do get elected or reelected know that you are on probation.

Ignore us as your on risk and we mean that we will vote you out.

Understand that we will not be ignored.