chase chase anti christmas? chase bank Why you might not want this bank

chase bank strikes again, what is up with these clowns?

So what up with that…

We just shredded three offers from Chase bank, mostly because we don’t want to do business with jerks that don’t believe in the time honored traditions of America.

In so many ways, it is this bank that allegedly makes so many customers angry, what is up with a bank that just allegedly does not care?

Why are they acting like this? (allegedly)

chase bank

Chase Bank anti Christian?

It is the reason for the season, not the other way around it is a shameful thing that this bank has allegedly tried to be the number one scrooge, you have to ask, why?

For what reason because it is not what they allegedly are saying.

Is Chase bank against Christmas?

Are they Anti American?

Are they Evil people who support Evil things?

We have to ask because it just seems so crazy that a bank that depends on Millions of Christians and Millions of people who celebrate Christmas for its profit, for its deposits, that they would offend millions and millions and millions of people.

You have to wonder about these things, because 93 percent of all Americans, support Christmas, you heard it, Christmas, Americans support Christmas, so to chase bank, perhaps you should rethink your offensive anti christian hate policy, because that is what it is hate.

Did you know that you could be found guilty of a hate crime by removing that Christmas Tree.

Yes, a Hate crime.

Think about that you scrooges.

911 chase chase anti christmas? chase bank

chase once again, still making allegedly bad decisions?

Who is in charge of this bank?
If I were a stock holder I would dump the stock, but I am glad that I do not have an investment in them, I have used their credit card department, but that will end as of this month, when I will pay off my card and destroy it, never again will these alleged, commie, jerks have one dime of my money.

Bad PR, well this is news you just cannot allegedly buy, or why would a bank not work with its customer base, unless, they allegedly just perhaps may not be as invested in its customers well being?

Why are they allegedly doing this?