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  • chase bank strikes again, what is up with these clowns?

    So what up with that… We just shredded three offers from Chase bank, mostly because we don’t want to do business with jerks that don’t believe in the time honored traditions of America. In so many ways, it is this bank that allegedly makes so many customers angry, what is up with a bank that […]

  • Chase Bank are they Cowards?

    You have to ask, when you see the minority who in all honesty really dont care about if a Christmas tree is present or not, run a bank? No, this is not right, and you do have a choice, you can find another bank, simple solution to problems like this, because if a bank is […]

  • chase once again, still making allegedly bad decisions?

    Who is in charge of this bank? If I were a stock holder I would dump the stock, but I am glad that I do not have an investment in them, I have used their credit card department, but that will end as of this month, when I will pay off my card and destroy […]