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  • Kathy Griffin Treason?

    Has Kathy Griffin committed treason? I suspect that if this were done when Obama was in office and if this were done by someone that was not a liberal, then there would have been really bad things happening. But can the American People allow this Hanoi Jane incident to pass? “Hanoi Jane” Fonda after “aiding […]

  • Over correction…

    There is a tendency to over react at times, its a difficult thing to manage but its what human nature usually dictates. The media have been busy attempting to stir up a ratings worthy event. They waited to see if the people would riot, they secretly hoped that would happen because they get paid to […]

  • Impossible Liars

    Totally impossible, Just a rumor, no freezing way this is ever going to happen… Right? You know the following news item is just the most ridiculous thing we have ever heard and its really sort of insulting as well. But could this be a new sort of normal situation here in the US…

  • #internet #freedom

    Ever just thought about what freedom is? I mean really consider, right now at this moment in time, what you are free to do. You could choose to go to a movie, buy popcorn and a coke and spend two hours watching a giant silver screen. You could choose to watch that same movie at […]