US credit rating

If someone were intentionally trying to destroy the credit rating of the US government, then would that not be an act of treason? Would it not be a severe issue that needed to be solved? The US credit rating could be downgraded on Monday or later in the week amid speculation that Washington does not […]

Bill Hemmer liberal bias?

Is Bill Hemmer a liberally biased bobble head? Liberal Bias is it reporting or is it political nonsense. Update, again today, on Tue the 26th allegedly Bill Hemmer, showed his true colors by not challenging an obviously flawed commentary made by an alleged spin consultant, but what is the aim of Bill Hemmer, is he […]

Obama to blame?

Is President Obama to blame for the problems that we have, well according to this email he is, and they say that he has threatened to veto a bill that might put Americans back to work, but is that really true? It seems like we have a problem and that for some reason the liberals […]