Can you just pick and choose?

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There are few things in our Society that cause problems as clearly as deciding to be the one person that refuses to abide by the law.

When people decide to pick and choose which laws they will or will not abide or enforce for that matter, when it comes to a man who makes a promise to the people he has swore to protect and uphold the laws of the land, few things are as sacred, as the oath of office of a the man of the people.

Yet, one does not expect that man or any man for that matter to decide what is and what law is not worth upholding.

What if all manner of people decided to do what ever they pleased, because they just did not believe in this law or that law.

Our society would soon be in chaos, so when you see this type of thing going on you have to wonder, who is this guy and why does he believe that he is someone different than others that hold the same office. The idea that this man would like to allegedly pick and choose which laws he likes and which laws he dislikes, is nothing short of just amazingly brass.