Can Obama Win?

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We all know that the media have in the past compromised their morals, twisted and occluded the facts in favor of many different yet often untrue news stories, we have noticed this along with most of all America as well, yes the big three have hardly bothered to cover any of this very news worthy topics.

 What about the real chances of a second term for the democrats?

Do they really have even a little chance of being elected again?

Of course you can hear two different stories when you ask that question depending on the venue.

The thing is could the President be right about health care but perhaps be wrong about implementation of that plan that may be flawed.


Its not easy to do this when you push for an agenda and course of action that is not popular, the thing is could he be at least a little right about some of the things that he has done.

The real question is do the ends justify the means and should we be taking chances with this kind of gamble?