Breaking news the GOP is on its way out.

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People like newt still dont think we remember how he backed a liberal, does he really think were that stupid?

The GOP establishment still doesn’t quite get it.

But you can help convince them that they will be voted out, send the GOP a message that we will not put up with the same old same old, any longer, not one minute longer. . .

We are trying to figure out what the GOP is after here, do they want to be voted out of office?
Is it time to vote them out?

Do they want to loose the trust of the American People.

Late this week GOP Senators decided to give liberal RINO Lisa Murkowski political cover in her run to defeat the Conservative Republican nominee, Joe Miller.

Republican Senators were supposed to vote to remove Murkowski from her leadership positions on key committees – since she obviously can’t be a Republican leader when she was voted out by her constituents and is now working to defeat the Republican candidate.

But guess what, folks. They didn’t vote her out. They instead decided to give her political cover. It’s shameful! Read what Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) had to offer as an excuse:

“It’s just a matter of good taste. We decided to keep the status quo as long as she’s a senator.”

Orrin Hatch and the Republican establishment just don’t get it. We, the voters, don’t want the status quo – that’s why we voted out your liberal RINO’s Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle.

Since the Republican leadership keeps failing to stand for their conservative nominees (but boy they’ve got the backs of all the liberals in the party) then it is up to us – WE THE PEOPLE – to make sure people like Joe Miller can defeat not just the Democrat (Scott McAdams) but the liberal RINO write-in candidate, Lisa Murkowski.

To our supporters we ask that you please make the most generous contribution you can to our campaign supporting Joe Miller so we can defeat Lisa Murkowski yet again. You can make a contribution online – HERE.

We’re asking for 500 people to make a contribution of $100 or more so we can show Orrin Hatch and the Republican Party leadership that we DON’T want the status quo!