Border Insanity

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A Nation without Borders is
not a nation?

There is some debate about if Ronald Reagan said this or perhaps one of the founding fathers, no matter who said it first it is something that fits the occasion today.

Leadership is more than just a thought or a suggestion.

Try going to any other nation on the face of this planet and just walking into the country…

Guess what it will not happen.

You would be arrested, case in point, a man who served his nation with pride and accomplishment, sits even now in a mexican jail.

Yet, in America we allow hundreds of thousands of their citizens to come here and most of them are just released and allowed to do what ever they want.

In fact many of them take advantage of the generosity of welfare and other programs, free health care anyone?

Of course not all do this, some and perhaps a fair percentage find work and are productive.

But not all of them…

Some are criminals, they come here with the idea of continuing a criminal lifestyle.

They have nothing to lose. 




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