Border Bravado

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The Senate has declared that it will not vote on the Border bill which basically means that they are willing for children that “They” said needed help will not get that help because Harry Reid…  Will not allow the bill to come up for a vote in the US senate.

Sorry but is that not his job that he is NOT doing?

When will Harry Reid be dealt with and why is he still in charge?

When a man does not do his duty and his sworn duty then why is he allowed to keep his job?

People need help and the money to help them has been provided yet Harry reid, does nothing?

Nancy Pelosi does nothing…

What do they want?

They say they want this and that but when this and that are provided, they run and hide and say were not going to play ball.

Strange when you think about all the things that are happening in this nation that the democrats seem bound and determined to do nothing when everything is riding on someone stepping up and getting the job done.

The truth about the democrats is that they are not good for this nation and they do not care about the people at all because if they did care they would do something instead of doing nothing all the time.


So Which is it?