blaming the tea party?

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Is everything the fault of the tea party?

If you listen to some people the answer is yes…

The news media tend to blame just about anything and everything on the tea party but is it really true.

 When you see something on the media or the news these days chances are its a lie or a clever variation thereof.

 This is because the media have an agenda and its not an agenda that meets with the approval of most Americans.

But what about the food stamp issue is this the fault of the tea party?

Not really however there is a problem and food stamps for some people mean life or starvation and for those people food stamps should be given but for those that do not really need them or abuse them something should be done about that problem.

So how do you figure out who should have food stamps and who should not have them?

There are families that need this help and when you look at how high prices are right now you have to know that for some people and you can usually tell it when they really do need it, for some of these people it is all that keeps them from hunger.

So if the average person can see and use common sense and discern from observing the lifestyle of a person and tell with some amount of certainty that they do not need this help how hard should it be to be able to setup a fair system that separates someone driving an expensive car, living in an expensive apartment or home, wearing expensive clothes and other things that might tend to provide an example of abuse.

Sure nothing is fool proof, but for sure the way to fix the problem is not to cut off those people who really need this help.

That is a problem with Republicans.