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Something is happening in the crypto marketplace and the answer may have a lot to do with many different things taking place in the economy.

What may be happening is what could be called a perfect storm that may be inviting the traditional investing community to begin to buy more crypto assets.

When you begin to see the stock market take huge losses in combination with lower silver and gold prices this could be an indication that investors are looking for other investments that are not dependant upon the political climate and the FED.

Yesterday another dip in the stock market took place because information was revealed that seemed to indicate that the FED was going to do something…

When the FED makes information public that has an immediate effect on the stock market this is not a good thing for investors.

Investors look for investments that can be quantified in some meaningful way.

When a third party to the economy begins to fiddle with the price of stock then it becomes an issue that many investors just do not appreciate.

So, could this be a moment when we start to see a much higher demand for crypto products?

That would be a definiate


When you see the prices of traditional go to investments when the stock market sours begin to decline all when most data suggests that Gold and Silver usually goes up then you have a mystery on your hands.

That mystery may well be that many investors are seeing the possibility of higher demand for crypto as a meaningful opportunity for buying into the market.

One thing seems clear the stock market is not liking what the FED has been up to and the political climate is not helping confidence in their ability to actually lead rather than follow.

As with any information about investing this is not advice.

Always consult with a professional before making any kind of investment decision.

Knowing that professionals are best situated to help investors with opportunities such as stock or other types of investments research and data are key in making those decisions.

Over the last few months many predictions have been put forward concerning bitcoin and the crypto market and it does appear that in the future there will be a continued interest in these and other opportunities.

The news about companies that are involved in developing digital products and or crypto tokens has been prevalent. Now we just have to see what happens next and remember to get good professional help.