Bitcoin Dead?

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As you might expect Bitcoin has been pronounced dead…

Again and Again!

In fact over 400 times now Bitcoin has been declared dead.

Will it stick this time?

Over the last two weeks the crypto markets have been decimated.

Losses in the Billions…

Is it over? Really over this time?

Will bitcoin finally succumb to the end of the internet and the end of all things digital?

Probably not…

With so much news coming out about the Crypto Markets and the sudden value reduction it is easy to say that things are ending for crypto however that may not be the truth.

The news media even came out and blamed a tweet by a misbehaving Billionaire, for the reason why BTC and many other Cryptocurrencies lost billions in value overnight.

Was that the truth?

No, not at all but it does look like the markets are very sensitive and superstitious when it comes to rumors and innuendo.

The truth is not as obvious as you might imagine and no it is not over just yet.

“This is not financial advice”

While prices are down some are saying that this is an opportunity and others say cut your losses but that is something that each person has to decide for themselves.

It is likely that prices will rebound but who knows how long that might take, a week, a month, never.

One thing is clear there are companies that are deeply involved in developing new technology and creating opportunities that quite frankly are mind blowing.

This is not just air they are selling although some have said that the real truth is something akin to science fiction without the fiction.

When you begin to look deeper into many of these companies you can see that there are some real burgeoning enterprises that are quite frankly developing the future of the internet and beyond.

Just like they said about how the Internet was just a fad…

Like Email would never replace regular mail.

Like Websites would never compare to brick and mortar stores. . .

They were wrong about all those things and they are likely wrong about Crypto as well.

In the near future we are going to do a deep dive int0 what some of these companies are doing with digital currency and how it actually works.