Bin Laden said to have hide away

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It is being reported that Bin Laden may have been hidden here for a long time, as usual the media has failed to cover this story from the perspective of what is really important.  We have to ask why not, Why does the media not cover these stories, we are certainly not as smart as they are, at least they will tell you that is the case.

However again, why have the media including the Much Vaunted Fox News which “claims” to be fair and balanced in its coverage, we have to ask why have you not covered this news story.

This is the headline that really should be the top of the news…

How many Men had to Die while Bin Laden hide out so close to a Military installation?

How many Fathers, How many Sons, How many Brothers have died?

This is the real question and one that frankly we feel that this is the real news story, how many have died while this man hide out in this place?