Bill Oreilly not in touch?

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Today we watched Bill oreilly and while part of the time it seemed like he was trying to generate some kind of disparity for the opposite view of his interviewee, his tone and his verbal stance seemed to be dismissive and a little out of touch with reality.

The over all question seemed to be could things go wrong with America if America does nothing to stop unconstitutional actions by those who care little about America.

The truth is a lot can go wrong and a lot has already gone wrong. Our System of government is failing and this should not happen because of the power of checks and balances.

The problem is we have so many corrupt politicians that the balance of power has shifted. Bill clearly does not believe that our model of Government can fail if it does not follow the principals written in the constitution.

He believes in the constitution but he seems to be somewhat oblivious to what many more people in America are very alarmed about.

We simply cannot afford to have that attitude, it is the same attitude that the Senators of Rome held shortly before the city was lost. When you live in an Ivory Tower its hard to see the people no matter what your life experience is the truth is clear and that is where the danger is for most people in this nation.

There are few Bill Oreillys out there and there are millions of We the People.