Bad Quality Food…

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As most of the public is well aware the cost of Food has gone way up…

We used to get a hamburger, fries and a drink for around $5.00 and sometimes even less.

Usually the food was not all that great but it was fast and that was usually good enough.

Things have changed now and as everyone is aware now the cost for a hamburger, fries and a drink have now doubled and in some cases tripled.

Wendys for example is now displaying a combo meal at $12.79

There are multiple problems with this idea that now everything is now two to three times as expensive…

The biggest problem is that when a combo meal was $5.00 you may have expected slightly cool fries and a bun that perhaps was not exactly the best dining experience but normally you were just hungry and you put up with the cold food.

But what about now…

The average cost of a meal is now over 25.00 for two people!

A lot of people are now beginning to speak up now that the price is high and the quality is still just as bad as it was before everything doubled in price.

More people are complaining about cold fast food like you get at just about all of them.

Wendys, Mcdonalds, Burger King, Arby’s the list could just go on and on and on. .

The real problem is that now that the cost of food is so high people expect to get better food and why not…

When it was cheap we could overlook a meal that was not exactly what we wanted.

But now things are different with the cost going higher and higher people may begin to think twice about eating at a fast food place when they can get better and hotter food at a sit down restaurant.

You could get a meal at Olive Tree for just slightly more than what the fast food joints are wanting to charge you!

You might still get a meal that is not as good as you wanted but it is far less likely to happen when you are face to face with a server.

Another problem with fast food is that they have decided that they don’t want you to come into the restaurant they would rather you go through the drive through.

It is far easier to provide cold food and less quality food when the customer is likely to be miles away by the time they discover that you have given them cold poor quality food.

So, what about a large order of fries from say Arbys…


Would they be good fries?

Cold Fries?

What about re-heated fries?

Look at those fries… They look like they were (dropped back into the already gross grease) and refried, so they cooked them then they got cold and then they dropped them back into the grease.. They were still cold by the time they got to the customer…

So now the poor quality of food that the Pandemic created by reducing the number of guests who the employees had to stand in front of down to just a few people the employees have gotten used to providing poor quality food out the drive through where 9 out of 10 customers do not bother to come back to the restaurant to get a food order fixed.

On top of that warranted or not many fast food employees have the reputation of at times “doing things” to the food of people who complain…

Is it likely hopefully not but the fact remains that due to the poor business practices of these fast food companies much of the public no longer trust the quality of the food.

We have allowed this to happen because it was not always this way.

It started with cold fries or food that was past its prime going out the drive through.

Now we have employees that actively discourage members of the public from dining in or walking into the business to order food.

They want you to drive through.

Drive though means that you get what they give you and not anything else.

So if the food is bad or if the food is of poor quality or if the food is cold you probably are not going to realize it because you will be miles away before you know how bad the food actually is.

If you want good food you are going to have to insist on it.

because most of the time not only will you get the fun of paying twice as much for that poor food that cold food but you will find it difficult to get them to understand that you don’t owe them anything they owe you a good product and the public has been forgiving but now everything has changed.

Businesses that want to continue to provide junk garbage as food may find themselves out of business.

We can hope that eventually the people serving the food might think to ask themselves “Would I eat this?” And if not then why are you serving it to me…