hoarding !

People are buying many items that have been found to be in short supply recently even though some retail establishments have been increasing the price point in some sort of misguided effort to reduce purchases.

Of course for the most part what is happening when it comes to water is literally price gouging.

Yesterday I saw a woman with a minivan that was completely filled with various items, including water, paper towels, toilet paper, there was no room in the vehicle for anyone else.

This was one person…

While one might understand that some people might have large families, buying too much is just plain wrong…

It is wrong because it denies other people from the opportunity to purchase the items that they need for their families.

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The media jokers

When you watch coverage by the media these days you expect to see biased coverage.

What is really interesting is to watch these jokers when they think people really believe what they are saying.

Media blow hard bobble heads, you see them all the time yet for some reason they seem to believe that people believe everything you see on TV because it must be true?


When you begin to look at the truth you find lots of interesting things…

Many of those things have nothing to do with the lies the media tend to tell over and over again.

We know for example that most every word out of the mouth of bobble heads on TV, are lies.

Why is that?

Simple the truth is not in them…

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Police dont only give tickets

This is an amazing story and it proves that the media are nuts.

Chances are you will not see this video on the most media outlets. 


It is not Christmas without Christ…

This is the time of year that we celebrate the season and that is done in many different ways, some people enjoy times with family and friends enjoying meals, parties, events and more.

Others find it a depressing time of year if they are alone or in an adult home for the aged.

  Still it is a time of year where the vast majority of people celebrate Christmas.

No matter how that celebration comes about it is all about how you choose to celebrate your freedom.

There are some that are like the fictional character the Grinch…

They wish to deprive people from the freedom to celebrate this time of year as they would like to do.


They think that because they can have the freedom to choose to spend time as they see fit precludes others from doing the same.

That statement above might sound a bit strange, but that is what they want to do, they want to be respected for the view they have and the freedom to have those views but they do not want you to have the freedom to exercise the freedom to do the same thing.

 We have for hundreds of years endeavored to extend freedom to those that wish to have freedom.

Sometimes that means people behaving badly and sometimes that means that some people will seek to oppress the rights of others to do what they feel is the right thing.

This is what the constitution is all about it is a document that spells out clearly what men and woman can expect when living under the republic of America.

We often see references in the news media to a democracy, but this is not a democracy.

This is a republic.

You do not have the right to deprive someone else of the freedom to express themselves in a non violent way.

That means that you cannot force your views on someone else and they cannot do the same thing to you.


This does not mean that you have the right to Not see a Christmas Tree so that you may exclude someone else from the freedom to express their beliefs.

The same thing might be said of your freedom to choose to Not celebrate a holiday the same way that someone else does.