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  • crypto crypto is it all over now. . .

    To hear the bulls talking about crypto its all over now… Everyone is getting ready to lose all their money… But what if there were more to crypto than just money… What if there were more to crypto than just a blockChain… What if crypto were not what you think it is at all. What […]

  • Vote Fraud!

    Apparently the devil really did go down to Georgia! Remember when all HE double Tooth Picks broke out in Georgia! The Media claimed that vote fraud did not exist. The Democrats screamed and cried and acted like Prating children. Well this just in folks. AUDIT ERRORS The team’s analysis revealed that 923 of 1539 mail-in […]

  • hoarding !

    People are buying many items that have been found to be in short supply recently even though some retail establishments have been increasing the price point in some sort of misguided effort to reduce purchases. Of course for the most part what is happening when it comes to water is literally price gouging. Yesterday I […]

  • The media jokers

    When you watch coverage by the media these days you expect to see biased coverage. What is really interesting is to watch these jokers when they think people really believe what they are saying. Media blow hard bobble heads, you see them all the time yet for some reason they seem to believe that people […]

  • Police dont only give tickets

    This is an amazing story and it proves that the media are nuts. Chances are you will not see this video on the most media outlets. 

  • It is not Christmas without Christ…

    This is the time of year that we celebrate the season and that is done in many different ways, some people enjoy times with family and friends enjoying meals, parties, events and more. Others find it a depressing time of year if they are alone or in an adult home for the aged.   Still […]