Making Criminals

Has the United States War on Drugs made criminals out of millions of Americans?

What about Prisons in America?

When you examine the situation concerning Mass Incarceration!

Expect to be overcome with the sheer numbers of Americans that are behind bars and in many cases treated like less than animals.

You may remember the outrage that some in the Media portrayed at the “apparent mistreatment” of some bad people at a military prison outside the USA.

Would it surprise you to learn that there are far more mistreated Americans in prisons and local jails that are mistreated and even murdered?

It should not surprise you but for many of you it truly will shock you if you knew about it.

This is part two of the series of the state of crimes in the USA and how the antiquated system of Non Justice is impacting America that used to be Great into something that resembles a Nightmare.

Now of course we still believe that America is great!

But just because the Media choose to ignore the truth about the war on drugs and really the war on the American People does not mean that these things are not becoming a serious cancer on what it used to mean to pursue happiness and the American Dream!

The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 109 federal prisons, 1,772 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,163 local jails, and 80 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, state psychiatric hospitals, and prisons in the U.S. territories.

By Wendy Sawyer and Peter Wagner
March 19, 2019

Now you can browse through the data on this website and it is quite disturbing but there is a lot of data that is not covered in this article. Prisons Punishment and the Media what roles do corrupt states and prison commissions play in the destruction of the American Dream in the name of the Law?

Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2019 

Most People in America that are in Jail are there because they cannot afford bail!

More than Half a Million people are in jail and have not been convicted of a crime!

520 thousand people are in jail on drug and drug possession charges! Think about that for a moment! Yes, many of these people deserve to be in jail! But the numbers here are astounding!

With these kinds of issues you might wonder at why so many law enforcement agencies are actively operating stings that are making criminals out of mostly non violent individuals and in many cases people who before running afoul of the overstimulated legal system productive people who had jobs and families before ending up in prison.


Drug arrests continue to give residents of over-policed communities criminal records, hurting their employment prospects and increasing the likelihood of longer sentences for any future offenses.

Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2019  

Did you notice something in the above quote!

Hard not to notice it, but just in case, the conjunction of two words. Over and Policed! Is that something that is becoming a real problem in America?

You better believe it folks!

There are areas in many cities and municipalities that regularly make arrests that are less than legal and in some cases akin to criminalization in the name of making money! Because make no mistake the moment that you get arrested the American Dream you may have had is over for most people! Once convicted you become a second or even third class citizen with fewer rights and remedies than other citizens.

Everything becomes more expensive!

Hiring Lawyers, paying for food in some prisons can be a matter of life and death. Sickness and injuries as well as “accidental death” become real threats to many people confined in substandard facilities.

Yet the media want to put the president in jail?

Is there a way out of what is essentially a legal system that came from a nation that America fought a revolution over?

The answer to that question is a very difficult one and arguably we have not come as far as one might think when it comes to medieval justice or in this case the lack of justice when the rich often go free while the poor end up indentured to the wealthy or in reality the state of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, which are considered in many statistics as the most egregious violators of human rights in some circles.

But who is at fault here?

Is it the government or is it the people?

With so many laws in place, including Millions of laws that are on the books including spitting on the sidewalk and numerous others technically by the time you get to this paragraph you likely have broken a law!

You might leave your home and break a law!

It has been said that we are a nation of laws!

But that my friends is not true that is the biggest lie you will ever hear come out of the mouth of a politician!

WE are NOT a nation of laws We are a nation of People!

PEOPLE! Not Laws!

One of the most disturbing things you will not read in the newspaper today or hear on the news today or in the digital media or perhaps most places online today is the fact that 63,000 youth in confinement in the United States: Too many are there for a “most serious offense” that is not even a crime.

Kids in Jail?

Yes, Kids in Jail and even though there have been books published and movies made today there are more than 68,000 kids many that are not violent have committed no real criminal act and did not intend to do so are in some of the most horrible situations than you could ever even imagine.

A few years ago a publication discussed the very real problems of how many people are in jails all over the USA because of all the laws that are on the books. In fact in this publication there was a discussion of a tipping point at which so many people would be in jail that eventually there would come a point where the numbers of people in jail and charged and convicted of a crime would become more than the population that were paying taxes and when that point came American would die from the inside out!

Which brings us to the topic of the next installation of crimes in America and how the war on drugs is destroying a nation.

Stay tuned because what you see on the Media and on the news is nothing compared to what is quietly happening in many towns cities and counties in this nation.

Much of this is either under reported or not reported at all!

If we continue to ignore the truth about what is going on in this nation while democrats hold fake trials about fake impeachments we could be watching the final dark moments of a once great nation coming to an end!


Researching & Reporting Crime?

Over the last few years there have been a number of broad ranging reporting and research studies along with journalist interviews which seem to show crimes being committed.

Most of these shows have been featured around the so called War on Drugs…

They even apparently interview drug users who are doing drugs live on camera.

This brings up a unique situation where the journalist appears to be enabling a drug user to continue to use drugs.

Since it is common knowledge that most people that choose to do drugs often find it difficult to stop using drugs it is also fairly common and more likely that many of these people who do these drugs often find that getting more drugs to do is a difficult thing.

So it only invites the question is it ethical for a reporter to pay a drug user who once paid will then proceed to buy drugs.

The reporter must know this is going to happen.

The real question here is not only an ethical dilemma but also a legal dilemma. Now obviously there have been some cases where the reporter was charged with a crime but later was either acquitted or the charges are then dropped.

This is a fine line and one that really should be investigated.

Many of these people tend to be victims of drug abuse or even other abuses. Reporting this for millions of people to view on live TV for entertainment… ???

Is that right? Is it legal?

It might be hard to answer those things but one thing seem clear these reporters are placing themselves in very dangerous situations where organized criminals often actively operating at the time of the videos being taped, would tend to make you wonder what the reporter did to get the cooperation of the (alleged) criminal.

You could say that it was a reenactment, but clearly that is not the case with these sub prime TV shows.

It appears very real and you can sometimes see how nervous the reporter actually is.

The thing is when it comes to the serious nature of both recreational drug use and systemic drug use where the person is totally addicted to the use of those drugs how far is too far?

Additionally while filming these shows they are filming a crime!

They pay the person to get the drugs that they are going to film them to use live for the entertainment of people who watch this stuff on TV!

That would seem to be wrong and really it is wrong.

This opens up a new avenue of ethics for reporting for both the internet and for more traditional journalist sources like newspapers and broadcast video.

It has been said that the internet publication is not really a protected right under the constitution as defined by freedom of the press.

But is that still the truth now that 87 percent of information is published digitally and many are well respected with a lot of republication’s.

So we are going to do a series of articles about journalists and the things that they are doing that are protected legally and those things that they might be doing that are not well protected either because that journalist is not part of the establishment media.

What types of reporting are ethical?

In this article it appears that there are some in law enforcement agencies that are pursuing many types of what is commonly called a sting operation.

Often these sting operations are setup to deceive a person that might not ordinarily engage in the crime that the law enforcement official would like to arrest the subject of a sting operation.

Now certainly it goes without saying that when it comes to someone that seeks to interact with underage minor children those people should be arrested.

But this also invites another question when does a sting become something that becomes a problem where the law enforcement official is turning a normally law abiding citizen into a criminal?

Is that something that could be a problem?

Craigslist is a website that for many has become synonymous with murder, crime, adult services and just about anything else that you could possibly dream up and it is really bad in some places.

But again is it ok for a law enforcement official to reply to a seemingly borderline craigslist post and then lure that person into a complex setup where the end result is often worse than what it started out to be?

Obviously that is something that a fair few people are looking at as far as research and as far as what is ethical for reporting and for law enforcement.

We can easily understand that anyone that appears to be willing to do things that would put many people in danger would be someone that needs some help and that might involve being arrested.

But where does it end?

In a national report that was recently published regarding what is becoming more and more common in law enforcement is the reverse sting operation where someone poses as a facilitator or a provider and they are actually a police officer who then proceeds to capture information about the subject in an effort to demonstrate that that person is about to commit a crime or is willing to engage in criminal activity that is often just a misdemeanor.

Is it ok?

When the agent has to push the subject over and over again in order to elicit some form of evidence of wrongdoing just to get an arrest and a conviction turning what might be an ordinary person into a criminal…

Yes, they call this entrapment!

But entrapment is difficult to prove if you happen to be the one that has been trapped!

What we seek to find out here is a simple question.

At what point is it wrong for law enforcement to insert themselves into an online post?

So we have reporters that appear to be providing money and the ability to do drugs on camera for entertainment and we have law enforcement officials that are engaging in questionable actions that appear to be a form of entrapment.

All of this in the name of a war on drugs that no one can win!

This so called war on drugs has been going on for many years possibly over 70 years of ongoing forms of prohibition starting with alchol and ending with the sexual behavior of ordinary citizens.

Is it ok to engage in adult behavior that other people might find offensive and disgusting? Certainly there are many nations where such behavior is punished by death.

But more and more in this nation behavior is becoming a subjective tool in which to arrest and convict anyone for doing anything that someone else finds offensive.

That is the extreme end of this situation and it is something that has long been an issue.

Over the next few weeks we are going to take a cold hard look into organized law enforcement activities which deprive individuals of their liberty, money, status and just about everything else all because a citizen “Thinks” about doing something with an adult that another person find offensive.

Obviously some of these things are offensive!

But does that make it something that the police should be pursuing with so much real criminal activity going on and not to mention a lot of it going on as television entertainment.

Literally there are people that are committing mass crimes by supplying hundreds of thousands of people with drugs in this nation and they put it on TV?

More to come…


Media lies

The Media appear to have forgotten history…

When it comes to the truth here it is.. .

8/20/98 President Clinton approves airstrikes against Afghanistan and Sudan.

American cruise missiles pounded sites in Afghanistan and Sudan Thursday in retaliation for the August 7 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

he did not consult with congress.

U.S. Navy ships launched 23 Tomahawk missiles against the headquarters of the Iraqi Intelligence Service yesterday in what President Clinton said was a “firm and commensurate” response to Iraq’s plan to assassinate former president George Bush in mid-April.

He did not consult with congress. . .

President Obama approves airstrikes against Libya, March 19, 2011

he did not consult with congress. . .

Interesting that the media can lie so often yet they still think that people believe them when they continue to lie lie lie.


propaganda history

Imagine what it would be like if textbooks were filled with unproven allegations about people based on opinion and political rhetoric instead of the facts.

Just imagine what it would be like if for example you saw the following text in your child’s history books.

Republicans accused Hillary Clinton of many things that they never were able to prove which shows just how bad republicans have acted in the past.

What if all the lies that the media tells became real to the children that you trust the government to teach and to prepare your kids for living in the real world?

Hillary Clinton may have authorized her electronic devices to be wiped clean of all evidence of any wrongdoing allegedly that is.

When questioned about this by reporters she replied did the reporter mean with a cloth?

Developed in part and reported in part by abc news, source.

Of course the above text is fictional but what if it were real only not as a joke or presented as something that was funny?

What if history became lies that were designed to indoctrinate children paid for by tax dollars of the parents. What if children were being “programmed” to hate their own parents. To report on them to school teachers?

When you begin to look at this situation you simply have to say



But what if we just sit at home and do not vote in 2020 because we think that there is no way that these far left ideologies will become black and white text in our children’s textbooks?

What if we fail to vote in 2020 would you even be aware of this news story?

Would Facebook wipe it out so that you could never see it at all?

Can you say Deplorables? Well that is what this sounds like! White poor and working class voters you know the people who make this nation great! The people who are the backbone of this nation and without which freedom ends!

Read more about the lies contained in your children’s history books!

What is true and what is false? source.

The truth is we are facing an event where the end of America is coming faster than anyone ever thought it might!

We are so involved and so busy in our own little worlds that most of the time people are not even aware that things like this are happening.

This is why it was possible for the lunatics in the democrat party to be able to take over the party and move toward a failed “Fairy Tale” Socialist type of government! All because Americans did not vote!

Will you stand up for the truth?

Will you stand up and vote in 2020?

No matter if you have to take the day off of work to do so?

No matter if you have to stand in line!

Wind, Rain, Sleet, Snow!

We have to vote in this 2020 election or we are going to be erased by lies and by people who hate everything America Stands for.

Please Vote in 2020!


We the People

This week we have witnessed an abomination.

What amounts to machinations of such machiavellian magnitude that anyone who witnessed it would not believe that it actually happened.


What does this hoax impeachment tell Americans?

What this tells America is that we are all Americans and we must not allow a small group of people to act unlawfully.

Wow, when you hear the truth you finally understand that we are facing a betrayal of more than 300 million americans by democrats.

We choose our nation.

WE choose our future.

WE are the People.

The people of the united states of America.

For 2 and 1 half years, that is 18 months of calls for impeachment by the leaders of one political party.

Fake charges, Fake facts, Fake Everything.

Unsubstantiated allegations.

Democrats changed the rules for impeaching the President.

They did this so that they could allegedly circumvent the process that had been in place for many years. A process of rules that have been in place for a reason and that reason was put in place so that one small group of people could not over rule the will of the people.

Everything was changed so that they could go ahead with this hoax.

No one in their right minds would have ever done this at any time in the past…

This impeachment is unfounded and improper.

Take the time to watch this video because it is perhaps one of the most thoughtful and important speeches given concerning the hoax that allegedly the democrats have engaged in.

We must not allow the evil of a few to taint an entire nation.

Remember to vote.

Vote in 2020 because without your vote our children will not be free from this kind of horrible and evil people.

2020 election Politics

Term Limits…

Democrats have done nothing for the American People.

They have abused the power that the people lent to them!

They have abused the process of the constitution, changing the rules to allow that which should never have been allowed.

The only thing that will defeat absolute corruption is
Term Limits!!!

Considering the fake impeachment hoax that we have seen delivered to the nation and the world over the last three years it has become a joke and a laughing point for the rest of the world.

Great harm is being done by people who allegedly should be considered criminals… Democrats… All those who voted for this hoax with zero evidence and no accountability?

All those that voted for this lie and hoax should be voted out of office but there is a problem… They are not afraid of the people any longer. They do not believe that people will come out and vote. They think that with the help of the media they can discourage people from voting in the 2020 election process and if they do manage to interfere in the election process then with great fear America will no longer exist as a nation.

Everyone should carefully consider IF the way that the democrats are behaving and the things that they are doing are what you want for you and your children and the next generation because IF one party can take control over the government and suppress the checks and balances of the constitution then very soon the next generation will be born into a nation
no longer FREE!

They will be slaves to the very people that have done nothing to prevent that very fact in the past.

Remember Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

We must have Term limits because these people are going to Washington DC and they are becoming rich on the backs and in some cases the necks of hard working Americans.

They get the best of the best and leave less for the children of this nation. They get free medical care, the best no restrictions on surgeries imposed by for profit insurance companies that place making a profit over the health of those they insure.

They eat free every day paid for by the people.

They do not pay for travel.

They do not pay for gas to get to work...

They exempt themselves from being subject to the laws they make for everyone else to abide by.

Now they even want to subvert the Senate of the
United States of America.

They stood up in front of the American People indeed the entire world and they told a litany of allegations and lies.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable then you are not alone.

What you are witnessing here is an attempt to overthrow the people in favor of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and others who appear to be in favor of overthrowing the duly elected government of these United States of America. {Allegedly by implication}

This should scare you into voting in 2020 and to remove from office this woman who has allegedly betrayed the constitution and the people of this nation. We have a serious problem that requires everyone to vote. We must vote period because this kind of ignorance cannot be sustained nor allowed.

How in the world can this nonsense be taken seriously!

Nancy says that Our Democracy in her statement but this is a republic not a democracy.

The democrats are like they have gone insane and it appears that they are intent on continuing these lies and the abuse of power that they accuse President Trump of abuse but they are the ones that have abused power.

They are the ones that have abused the American People.

Crazy Argument that makes no sense?

What is this nonsense?

Here is the democrat argument in a nutshell.

Former Vice President Joe Biden who is a candidate but not the nominee of the party has a son who may be involved in some less than savory dealings in the Ukraine.

Now, let’s just break that down for a moment because this is where the lies start to break down into a shameful failure of the press to report the truth.

Joe Biden is a citizen and he is running for the nomination of the party to participate in the election process he has not yet become the official candidate of the 2020 election.

This is important but it is something that you will not hear on national TV.

You see he is not yet been chosen as the candidate and that is a very important distinction.

Because the democrats as part of their sham and alleged hoax are alleging that our President was attempting to commit a crime but there is a big flaw in that argument perhaps even a fly in the ointment.

They are trying to argue a crime that has not been committed.

They are attempting to convict President Trump for something that has not happened and indeed cannot happen at all.

The only way that what the democrats are saying might become a crime is IF the Son of Joe Biden runs for president and then becomes the nominee for the democratic party!

But wait! There is even more to this travesty! Even if the son of Joe Biden were to become the nominee of the democrat party it would still not be a crime… Think about it!


Are you kidding?

Not at all folks, you see sometimes it is the details that the press ignores that make for the truth that they often try to bury in the refuse of all the lies they tell every single day.

You see that small detail has never been discussed rationally by any news network.

The entire democrat impeachment hoax is dependant on a lie!

The media ran with the lies and then the democrats presented this lie to the american people.

What is the lie?

The lie here is that Hunter biden is not running for president!

The constitution was written by wise men who knew that absolute power corrupts absolutely. They knew this was true and so they created this republic, (not a democracy) A REPUBLIC!

With one thing in mind to prevent one party from abusing its power and thereby taking over from the republic the very thing that America was founded upon.

What is the problem you ask?

It is a big problem because the people require a redress of grievances.

The democrats have violated their oaths of office.

They have lied to the people and they are now seeking to subvert the United States Senate. This cannot be allowed to happen or I fear for America. Many people discuss that there may be a second civil war but I say we cannot allow that to happen because everyone then loses.

No one wins in the event that America fights itself.

We cannot allow one small group of people to overthrow the will of 300 million people because then this will become true tyranny.

Violence is not the answer.

But we cannot stand by and watch the democrats overthrow this nation and its people.

So, what can you do?

Support Term Limits!

Vote against those that voted for this hoax impeachment!

Get them out of office and out of washington!

Support by making donations to candidates that will do the right thing for America.

Politely voice your support of WE the People!

Lastly but not least!

Vote in 2020!

2020 election Politics

Criminal Fisa Abuse?

This could be the biggest story you may not see on TV!

Question, did the democrats engage in criminal wrongdoing when they treated the fisa court as their own personal platform for generating a hoax!

Jim Jordan is a true American Patriot.

I hope that democrats will come to their senses…

Jim Jordan

What we are seeing here is a historic abuse of power that is both unconstitutional and allegedly criminal in nature.

That is a big problem for the Democratic National Party because much like the equally historic health care vote during the Obama Presidency not a single republican voted for “Obama Care” and the democrats changed the rules so that they could pass this monstrosity of a bill without the support of a majority of the American People.

They did it because they knew that it would never pass because the people were against it.

Now once again the democrats have changed the rules…

This time they have changed the rules so that one branch of our constitutional republic might rule over the other two.

What does this mean?

Quite simply what this means (IF it is allowed to stand) is that the house will have effectively stripped the executive branch of its duly mandated powers by both the people and the constitution.

Subverting the constitution.

The democrats are attempting to take over the government of the people by the people and for the people in favor of its own ruling scheme. This is both dangerous and unconstitutional.

The founding fathers wisely and with great thought and many Prayers created this republic with much forethought about the many dangers that they knew we would one day face as a nation.

They did this because they knew that some people wanted to rule over everyone else. They knew that in order to preserve this nation that we needed a system of checks and balances that would prevent one branch of government becoming too powerful and seeking to overthrow the other two branches in favor of just one powerful and likely corrupt branch of government seeking to enslave the rest of the people.

We know these things because we have seen many attempts over the years demonstrated through history that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Today we face the most corrupt abuse of power we have ever seen in this nation and should we fail to go and vote these political traitors out of office because we could not be bothered to vote…

Then you can expect to see an end of the American Way of Life…

This is not what your fathers and our fathers and the generations of Americans that came before us have given up their lives to defend and to preserve our way of life. This is not what the house of representatives was created to do, yet here we are…

What do we do next?

It is obvious that these democrats will do anything and everything to allegedly overthrow the duly elected government and that their corrupt methodology is unconstitutional and possibly even criminal.

There is one greatest thing that we as a nation can do to defeat these evil actors.


WE have to VOTE!

How did we get here?

People did not vote! That is why we are here right now too many people sat and watched the election on the TV instead of voting.

They thought that this could not happen!

They believed that there were too many righteous American Patriots and not enough of the opposition to take over the house.

They were wrong! They watched in horror as many of these same democrats that are now seeking to overthrow the government were elected but it was too late.

They did not think that their vote mattered…

In 2020 you have a chance to save this nation from those that would seek to destroy the presidency and the choice of the people indeed the constitution as well!

While we can not alone defeat this unjust and perhaps even illegal abuse of power by the democrats we can in many ways, defeat them. Financially supporting republican candidates verbally supporting America and with our voices stand up to the evil that seeks to destroy America like our fathers fathers did when they bled and died for the freedoms of this great nation has today!

But the most important thing that you can do and in fact everyone can do is to Vote!

WE cannot afford to sit on the couch and watch the election this time we must vote!

WE must be diligent and monitor corruption in this election process because make no mistake there will be corruption.

WE can see it on display on national TV just how corrupt and invalid the democrats actually have become.

Some Gave All!

IF you value this great nation that we built by the sacrifices the blood and the tears of many hundreds of thousands of men women and even children then without fail you must vote in 2020


911 bias news coverage Politics

Hungry kids in school

In the news recently there have been reports that children who cannot afford to pay for a hot meal have been either denied food or served a cold lessor alternative.

It is difficult to understand how anyone could treat hungry kids like this however it happens.

Which brings up the question would kids be better off in prison?

Prisons serve criminals three meals a day…

They have access many times to a gym…

Medical care and a lot more…

Of course that is just a thought and a bad one at that but it does make you wonder how it is that we have prisons that are safer than schools…

When Prisons treat criminals better than schools treat children?

When prisons feed criminals but schools deny kids food?
2020 election Politics

no prosecute list ukraine?

Today in the fake impeachment trial…

Was there a list? You decide. ..

All you have to do is to just look online and you can see that there does appear to have been a list, but what does that mean?

When you see this you have to wonder about what is going on …

What does it mean? Was there actually a list?

Did this woman just lie on national TV and in front of congress?

WE do not know but if these people are lying they should be prosecuted.

blago planet does not necessarily agree or disagree with any opinions are or probable facts submitted by other sources. However, something looks very interesting about this image.

Is this real or is it fake?

We do not know for sure but it does appear that this could be something of interest more so when we have people on national TV making statements that appear to be less than truthful and less than honest.

Vote in 2020 or this may become the new normal way to lie and cheat your way into a political office.


Ironic tragedy in democrat impeachment fiasco.

When you see what is going on in Washington DC while America pays a huge price for what is happening.

Today we are listening to a woman that has spent 9 hours or more behind closed doors with the presence of democrats getting ready for what we are seeing today.

Meanwhile we are waiting for the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) America is waiting for this because it means prosperity and it means more jobs but instead this nonsense is what the democrats are engaged in.

This is so foolish.

What is going on in America?

Why are we even bothering to watch this insanity?

When you see all of this and when you understand that nothing about these things changes that the President had every right to fire these people.

This is one of the biggest nothing burgers in history.

America is getting tired of all of this garbage.

They deny all of these things and yet all you have to do is to go online and google this so called non existent list of do not prosecute list. IT is there for anyone to see it yet they deny it? This is so wrong in every way that matters.

Please make sure that you are registered to vote check on it before voting day so that you know that no one else may try to vote in your name because as you can plainly see the democrats will do anything to win even if it means that America and all of its people lose.