FBI embarrassed by possibility of mentally ill agent?

Is it possible that the one man that was testifying or rather reciting alleged memorized statements and denying that he was biased and may have done some very bad things in the process of Not Doing his Job…

Is the FBI embarrassed?

I think the answer to that is a big yes…

When you begin to look at the testimony of this man and you begin to look at how he acts and the facial expressions on his face it is obvious to anyone that there is something very wrong with this man. Continue reading…

Time to stop reading Time?

Well, Folks this Time it appears that Time may have bitten off more than it can chew.

Publishing a Biased and Deceptive cover that does not tell the real story but a lie.

It is amazing how insane these companies are becoming but what should really concern you is the fact that most of these companies are not really making money anymore because they do not represent the truth.

No one likes a liar.  Continue reading…

May the Space Force be with you…

Well it appears that we may have the beginnings of a Space Force…

The first question is not do we need it but why not…

It is not like were going to be getting ready to wind up that hyperdrive unit and blast out to the nearest planet anytime soon.

But here is the thing, If we plan on securing our planets near (space) then we have to get started someday.

Continue reading…

When the Media is no longer the Press.

What Happens when the Media begin to behave like someone that does not have any intention of obeying the laws of the land?

This is what is happening with the Media. 

Indeed at some point one might begin to question the motives of any individual that distorts the truth with a lie that often has serious consequences, riots, property damage and even death.

Baltimore Riots.

reported 202 arrests, 144 vehicle fires — including multiple police vehicles — and 15 building fires. Fifteen officers were injured in the violence that spilled into Monday night. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency and activated the Maryland National Guard Monday night as Rawlings-Blake declared a weeklong citywide curfew starting Tuesday, spanning 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Around the country, while Vice News live-streamed coverage from the ground throughout the night, large news outlets embraced the coverage in varying degrees. Both large and small local outlets relied on wire coverage from the Associated Press and the New York Times, or reporting from Gannett and Tribune Company papers on the front lines.

29 Million dollars in damages but was that just an estimate and what was the true cost to America.

No doubt that it would not have been a news story at all if the police had managed to protect the custody of the subject that was arrested however the media took the advantage of the situation to make money…

Basically the Media yelled Fire in a crowded theater and then sold fire extinguishers as people tried to escape the theater.   They made millions in sales of advertising, papers, magazines, online advertising at websites, they even made commissions on the sales of products featured on their websites.

The real problem here is that the media is not the press.

The press is protected by the constitution but does that extend to the Media?

notwithstanding the fact that freedom of speech does not actually extend to yelling fire in a crowded theater is the media the same thing as the press or is it more like a money making entertainment business that has little regard for the truth or the safety of the people that were in so many cities when riots took place.

At some point you just have to begin to think IF this were a person, not a corporation but a person would that person be subject to legal action and or even criminal charges?

The answer to that has to be YES…

The most serious thing we face here is that these corporations are above the law just like many members of congress and politician’s  who routinely break the law often with no consequences while regular people the people who vote in this nation would be subject to being separated from their families punished twice and three times by the law and the state and sometimes also the government.

here is an example, a man is struggling to pay his bills because there is not much work out there and sometimes he gets a few days work and sometimes he does not, then he has to choose between eating and paying insurance, no excuse of course, but now with computers the state can fine him and force him to pay a reinstatement fee for the privilege of having to pay for a license tag and tax on the value of the vehicle that the man owns, the reinstatement fee in many states can range from $185.00 to $450.00

So the only way the man has to earn enough money to pay to get his privilege to drive in the state he lives in is to take a chance and drive to work anyway.

By the way this is in part based on a true story.

The man gets a ticket for a headlamp that is not lit then they check his tag and find that it is expired.

They tow his truck or car off and he goes to jail or they let me go home if he is lucky.

Now he is back home but he has no way to get to work.

On top of that insult, he now has to go to court, where he will be fined, likely anywhere from $1200.00 to $2400.00  he may also be placed on probation anywhere from 1 to 5 years, he will have to pay a monthly probation officer fee, usually 25 to 75 dollars per month and if he is able he can get his vehicle back after he pays the fine that he still owes, along with the tow bill and the impound fee as well as a daily storage fee which can range between 10 to 50 dollars per day.

So he is punished by fines and probation then because he is on probation he may have difficulty getting a job in the future.  Which means this is a punishment that is a lasting punishment that could go on for many years.

Additionally he is likely to have a low credit score which translates into paying more for services than other people pay.

That is the average person.

The wealthy and the politically connected people never get the first ticket because they are not treated the same as others who also may make a mistake by not paying a bill on time.

Hard to imagine how difficult it might become to just exist while many people and now the Media as well face no consequences for the actions that they take.

That is just not acceptable.

Why do we put up with this bad behavior from giant rich corporations.

Opiate Madness

Remember the classic black and white political movie that was designed to brain wash viewers int0 believing that taking a drug would turn you into a zombie?

Yep, well that same issue is back again only this time it is a pack of lies and it has been exposed as the lie it is.

Opioid Madness…

The truth about propaganda and the way the CDC is using the term Opioid to induce a mass hysteria event in the prescription use of medications.


Imagine what would happen if you found out that prescription medications did not in fact kill 42,000 people a year as the CDC is publishing in deceptive advertising.


“In 2016, 63,632 persons died of a drug overdose in the United States; 66.4% (42,249) involved an opioid.”

Why do I suspect that the CDC would be absolutely gleeful if reporters read only the first sentence and then wrote their same old crap? After all, it is much easier than actually reading the paper and seeing what’s really in there. But if you bother to read it it doesn’t take long until the funny business starts.

First, the authors state that there are (at least) two ways to count opioid deaths. And the CDC has been doing it wrong (emphasis mine):

Traditionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and others have included synthetic opioid deaths in estimates of “prescription” opioid deaths. However, with [fentanyl] likely being involved more recently, estimating prescription opioid–involved deaths with the inclusion of synthetic opioid– involved deaths could significantly inflate estimates.

Shocking! Except that I have written numerous pieces (1) which conclude exactly this: By combining fentanyl deaths with those from prescription drugs it  automatically skews the results. The stats from the CDC have been BS all along. They are now sheepishly admitting it, but not until the BS numbers were already used to formulate the god-awful policy which is now plaguing millions of us. All based on a bunch of lies.

It doesn’t take long to find data in the article that makes the CDC and its flunkies (2) look pretty bad. Let’s start with Table 1. The center column (green circle and arrow) represents the “traditional” method that the CDC used to count deaths. Note that the number doubled between 2013 and 2016. Those damn pills are stone cold killers, just like we’ve been told all along, right? No. Not right.

The other columns tell us why. The left column (blue) represents the number of deaths when the “conservative definition” (make that “correct definition”) is used. The data in this column no longer includes deaths from “fentanyl” (“fentanyl” in this instance meaning illicit fentanyl and its analogs – synthesized in Chinese labs, not pharmaceutical fentanyl). Once “fentanyl” (red column) is removed from a category in which it should never have been in in the first place, all of a sudden, the number of deaths drops by half. That little “a” has a big meaning. This “a” explains why fentanyl is erroneously lumped in with the others.

Corruption in the DOJ?


Surely Not, they investigated themselves and found that they did nothing wrong…

Now where have we heard that before.

So what do you think will happen next.

Hearings on Capitol Hill, where people will vent and trot the dogs and ponies out for a show.

But will anything change. . . 

Continue reading…

Did the CDC LIE about the Opiate Crisis?

The truth about the biggest Hoax of modern times may well be something you never thought possible.

The CDC apparently has literally created a false impression that prescription drug deaths are a greater issue than illegal drug deaths.

That is a real problem because now we have people like Pam Bondi that are filing lawsuits aimed at drug makers.

Are they going to try to use the alleged fake information provided by the CDC and likely possibly done so for political and funding reasons?

Did the CDC lie about prescription drug deaths for money?

CDC Admits Rx Opioid Deaths ‘Significantly Inflated’

March 21, 2018


Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have acknowledged that the agency’s methods for tracking overdose deaths are inaccurate and have significantly overestimated the number of Americans that have died due to prescription opioids.

In an editorial appearing in the American Journal of Public Health, four researchers in the CDC’s Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention say many overdoses involving illicit fentanyl and other synthetic black market opioids have been erroneously counted as prescription drug deaths.

“Availability of illicitly manufactured synthetic opioids (e.g., fentanyl) that traditionally were prescription medications has increased. This has blurred the lines between prescription and illicit opioid-involved deaths,” they wrote. “Traditionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and others have included synthetic opioid deaths in estimates of ‘prescription’ opioid deaths. However, with IMF (illicitly manufactured fentanyl) likely being involved more recently, estimating prescription opioid–involved deaths with the inclusion of synthetic opioid–involved deaths could significantly inflate estimates.”

Deception and lies…  Allegedly…


(1) The term “opioids” is scientifically meaningless. Technically, “opioid” means a drug that interacts with the same receptors as morphine, etc., regardless of whether the drug is derived from a natural source, for example, poppy. Opiates are a subset of opioids; they are drugs that are found in plants (e.g., codeine) or semi-synthetic derivatives of them. Heroin, which does not occur naturally, is considered to be an opiate because it is made from morphine, which does. Fentanyl considered to be an “opioid” because it is not an opium derivative. These classifications are a distinction without a difference. The term “opiates” is more than sufficient to describe drugs with morphine-like properties. The word “opioid” should be dropped from the English language.

(2) There is no such thing as an opioid crisis. It is a fabricated term. People who are now dying from overdoses are now (most of the time) dying from fentanyl and its chemical cousins. A far better and more accurate term is “the fentanyl crisis.”

  • The term “drug overdose deaths” (there are about 60,000 annually) is now standard jargon used to characterize fatalities from all drugs of all sorts, anticoagulants, antidepressants, aspirin, cocaine, etc. But most people will read what Kolodny wrote and arrive at the conclusion that 60,000 people were killed by prescription pain medications. They were not. All opioids together (including heroin) killed 30,000 people. The number of deaths from prescription opioids—the target of the current crusade— was about 17,000— half the number killed by accidental falls.  Are we having an “accidental fall epidemic?” Why not? Accidental falls are killing twice as many people as prescription pain medicines. 

  • The figure 60,000 is, of course, inaccurate, but so is 17,000. This is because opioid overdose deaths are frequently the result of combination with other drugs, especially benzodiazepines, which potentiate the effect of the opioid action. In 2015 almost half (7,500) of the overdose deaths from opioids also involved benzodiazepines (Figure 2). When you include other drugs that are taken with opioids, especially alcohol and cocaine, It can reasonably be assumed that the number of deaths from opioid pills alone will be much lower, perhaps in the neighborhood of 5,000—ten-times lower the 60,000 that Kolodny implies, and roughly the same as bicycle and bicycle-related deaths. This is what the hysteria is about? 

    The real truth here is that the public and doctors as well as most everyone else have been lied to once again by the government.

    The real problem here is that we are facing an issue involving illegal drugs that are coming primarily from our southern border.

    That is the real issue and pretending that prescriptions legally prescribed by a doctor in good standing to a patient who takes the medication has broken no laws.   Yet, to see the press and the media as well as the DOJ go after the “Easy” Targets instead of the criminals that sell illegal drugs to kids who are actually dying, that is the most cowardly thing I have ever seen…

AP A$$ociated Press Bias

Wow, AP appears to be “Off the Reservation”

Biased News From A$$ociated Press.

If you have been living in a cave you might be a troll…

For the rest of the world, The once heralded, Associated Press has hit a new low with the abandonment of all things truth.

For years most people have recognized the bias that the AP AKA Associated Press has been using leading stories to allegedly misrepresent the truth by means of omission.

Now it looks as if the AP is now engaged in commission of material that frankly does not stand up to the smell test.

Examples include.


how the AP opened its story, “Trump budget would gut science, environment programs:”

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget would gut programs for science and the environment, reflecting the Republican’s rejection of mainstream science.

Pay particular attention to that last line: “reflecting the Republican’s rejection of mainstream science.”

Another serious consideration is this

TruthRevolt reported how the AP sympathized with the jihadist who drove a truck through the Berlin Christmas market, killing twelve. The story dripped with compassion for the “desperate and drifting” Islamist just seeking a “better life in Europe.”

Tell me what part of that is “Trustworthy” Seriously…

Because I want to know…

What it looks like to most people is that the Associated Press is really just Propaganda..


  1. 1.
    information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.
    “he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda”
    synonyms: informationpromotionadvertisingpublicityspin;



Media on Trial Malice and Intent to destroy

There are some serious problems
in our society.

Media Guilty of Malice…

What would happen if the media were put on trial for everything that they have done over the last 50 years to destroy western civilization.

When you begin to examine what has happened over the last 50 years of manipulation of facts, the distortion of the truth and inciting events that have led to Billions of dollars in damages.

What if the Media were put on trial for Murder. . .

How many people have died because of what the Modern Day Media have Conspired to create chaos.

What if for one time, the Media had to pay for the things that they do and the tragedy they create in the name of news.

The thing that is really distressing is that it appears that the News has nothing to do with what the Media are up to.

Media Bias the Mission of Omission.

IT is really getting really bad folks.

Have the media created riots?

Have people died because of riots started by media bias and lies.

When people see a story on TV and it is a lie but those people watching TV believe  the lies the media tell.

When those people begin to riot and burn homes and stores and some people actually die.

Should the media be responsible for that issue.

Lies, if you yell fire in a crowded theater and people are trampled to death who is responsible?

The Media?