2020 election Politics

Not Republican

Not Democrat

Not Independant

We are not a Label or a Barcode that someone tries to make up for who we are…

We are People…

Complex living human beings that are often different every day!

This notion that you have to be a republican or a democrat is ignorant and foolish mostly because neither of these two political parties are doing the right thing for People!

Lately Democrats have become radical and out of control on issues that only make sense to themselves.

Republicans tend to at times become too strict with legalistic views and too loose on white collar crimes but the more recent surfacing of conservative values which basically is where this nation started out as has been become a victim of political two faced politicians who cannot tell the truth about anything.

But now we face a dire situation where agenda has created a problem with liberty.

In short liberty cannot be forestalled by trading it like a commodity!

Liberty is a sacred oath in this nation and it began when tyrants attempted to treat citizens and humans like they were the property of kings instead of who they really were and that was people.

Imagine the frustration when you look at history and find out that in reality much of the taxation was an attempt to profit from people who were dependant upon shipping companies to import products and many other things from thousands of miles away and profit may have indeed been at the bottom of the higher prices and thuggish behavior that caused a conflict that was heard around the world!

These days most students know little or nothing about the circumstances that created the freedom they now enjoy and it now being threatened by the same type of thugs and tyrants that created Excessive Taxation and now even your liberty may be in jeopardy!

You are no longer free to go outside!

What is this type of nonsense?

IT is Tyranny!

IT is Oppressive and it must stop else we may find that we are all subjected to the whims of evil men and women who believe in Thee But not Me!

Simply stated they believe that the rules and laws they make up are only for you but not they themselves!

That is Evil and it is becoming a real problem more so when the media are joining in with traitors and threatening liberty!

This year is an election year in which the media want to create fear so much that they can create a mail in ballot!

Imagine how many ballots could just be cast aside in order to change history!

How easy would it be to dump ballots in to a dumpster!

How easy would it be to just throw them away!

We cannot allow this to happen or else we will become like so many other nations where it does not matter if you vote or not the outcome of the election has already been decided for you regardless of who you actually vote for!

We must end this madness and stop out of control governors who would enslave you because they believe they are better than you are!

Think about that for a moment and you will soon see that it is not about politics and it is not about your health at all!

2020 election Politics


We are told 24 hours a day about this thing…

This thing that is silent and cannot be stopped…

It survives for hours on paper and plastic.

We are told all of these things and often what is said on the news is not accurate at all.

When you hear them talk they appear to be dramatizing.

Pumping it up so that fear is scary!

What is the truth?

When you look at the actual statisticts then you have to open your eyes and forget what the drama laden media is telling you.

Looking at the truth is something that requires an independent mind.

That means that the people that are checking the so called facts must not be aligned with those that are telling you the lies in the first place.

That means that these organizations that claim to be checking facts cannot in fact be receiving millions of dollars from the same organizations that they are supporting by claiming to be checking facts.

The real problem right now is that these fact checkers are getting paid by associated organizations that have the same goals and opinions that the liars on prime time have.

Opinion is not fact.

Making up information and pretending to quote fake facts is not good for anyone.

What we have here is a situation that could lead to a conflict between the people and those wealthy individuals that seem to be behind all of this nonsense.

One of the biggest problems we have is that we have an agency that has a history of making errors and refusing to admit that they made a mistake.

In fact there are a number of reports that tend to present the CDC as a corrupt organization.


Want to know how many tuberculosis cases there were in the U.S. last year? Ask the CDC. Want to know about health-care-associated infections? Ask the CDC. It knows.

But ask how many Covid-19 tests have been done, and the CDC’s doesn’t have an answer. Want a daily update on how many people are getting hospitalized for Covid-19? The CDC isn’t tracking it. Want to know if social distancing is making a difference? The CDC doesn’t know.

During this pandemic, when accurate, timely, nationwide information is the lifeblood of our response, the CDC has largely disappeared.


The performance of the world’s leading public health agency has been surprising, and by that I mean surprisingly disappointing. When the outbreak began, the CDC decided to forgo using the World Health Organization’s testing kit for Covid-19 and build its own. The test it shipped out to states was faulty, creating problems that stretched for weeks and slowed response as states waited for replacement tests.


There are numerous scandals associated with this organization.

WE have learned the hard way that political correctness and political opinion has no place in science yet here we are…

IF the USA is to effectively do the right thing here we need to have organizations like the CDC be neutral in this election year but they are not doing that at all.

This makes it very difficult to trust the CDC because they are not acting like scientists.

They are acting like political activists.

That is a real problem….


Stimulus Checks?

So you think you are going to get a check?

There are a lot of people that definitely need one… But sadly for many that actually need one will never see anything…

Already there are measures that are changing the way that the checks are going to be delivered.

The IRS is in charge of this situation and you think that is a good thing? Think again…

Amazing how many people believe that they are actually going to get a check… also kind of sad that so many people are willing to accept this money. . .

Some of those people that need it most are our elderly adult populations. They often depend on family members to help them out when things get tough… That can mean providing at least some financial support and there is nothing wrong with that after all they scraped and saved thousands of dollars to help their children to get a better education so that their children would have opportunities that they never had.

Many children see it as a duty and that is something of a tradition in this nation.

But already the IRS or should we just go ahead and say it, the democrats have fixed it so that Senior Elderly Adults have to wait weeks to possibly months or more realistically never. . .

Some may have to wait weeks or even months and perhaps never will get one thin dime.
You just have to wonder what the democrats are thinking when they did this.

I find it interesting that the IRS is setting up a system where you can attempt to “claim” your check…

You know kind of like they do with these class action settlements where you have to “claim” that you are a part of the class. . . They know if you are or if you are not they already have that information. The reason why they do it this way is that more people will not be able to get a check.

So if you are planning on getting a check please do not hold your breath…

What will happen to millions of dollars that should go to people who need these checks but because they do not really user the internet will never get them.

Sorry but since when has the government been able to do a job like this without wasting money?

So lets see they have to hire a company to make a website, they have to pay some people to code the site, they have to pay to setup a database of people who come to the site and they they will need to pay for personal to go through the “claims”

Again, If you are hoping to get a check I hope that you do… But for many thousands of people there will never be anything at all and that is just the way that this corrupt congress does things.

Remember this in november when you still have not received anything at all…

Remember that it was the democrats that did this. . .


Democrats deny vote!

The democrats today voted against helping millions of Americans!

Remember this in November.

All of this happened primarily because the democrats wanted 400 million dollars for PLANNED PARENTHOOD…

Think about that for a moment!

The democrats want to fund more abortions and are denying millions of Americans the help and support they need…



by now most people know about the rapid spread of this virus.

One of the things that appear to be slightly odd is the way in which the data is being reported. Because of the way that the CDC has in recent history reported various statistics which were somewhat distorted.

In fact in some cases there appears to be a moral failure among CDC scientists who very likely but allegedly cooked the books when it came to some politically incendiary in its nature.

So, when we have see data that is misreported and or exaggerated so as to represent a particular point of view over time honored scientific standards which have been in place for many years.

Yet, here we are!

Can we trust the CDC?

The answer is probably not!

While this virus might be dangerous and it might lead to more serious variations (mutations) of the virus it still remains to be seen if any of the closures of schools, sporting events, concerts and any number of other steps that have been taken including the banning of the sales of guns, ammunition, alcohol as well as a number of other items which boggles the mind when you begin to look closer at the data that we currently have available.

Panic spreads as consumers begin to over purchase essential items.


Tommy Tuberville

The Coach is in it to win it.

The election was close but now it is up to the people of Alabama to make a real choice for a man who is not going to sit down on the job.

Donate here.

‘We need a different voice:’ Tommy Tuberville says it’s time to send real people to Washington D.C.

Tommy Tuberville

He maintains a stance he’s taken his entire campaign: that of being an outsider and not a career politician.

“Our swamp, corrupt politicians have just about put us under, and we are going to keep kicking the can down the road and sending these same people, because all they do is buy elections,” Tuberville said outside of the polling location.

Tuberville decided to run as a Republican for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. One of the key issues he’s focused on is a plan to set term limits for politicians. The rest of his campaign has centered around key issues like education, veterans, and immigration policy.

Tuberville has said he would donate his Senate salary to veterans.


2020 election Politics

Bloomburg exits

Stage left?

A lot of people did not really identify with the billionaire but you have to give him credit for knowing when to fold em.

Michael Bloomberg Quits Democratic Race, Ending a Brief and Costly Bid He endorsed Joseph R. Biden Jr. and said that he planned to remain involved in the 2020 presidential campaign.


Republican runoff in Alabama for Senate Seat!


Donna Brazile?

What? Did she just say?

You might be wondering what is going on with the former moderator that was allegedly caught cheating by giving the questions in advance of the debates…

What oh no, did that really happen?

Check it out…

Breaking news!

Donna Brazile on a Fox news segment just told republicans to go to hell. Video coming soon.

You will likely not see this on fox news twice in a row…

There are some serious issues at fox news and this is a serious problem.

When you have someone on national TV allegedly saying things that are allegedly just not true?

Well that just seems strange…


democrats voting red

Get ready for some real news.

Democrats are crossing lines because they want to vote for Trump…

Imagine what would happen if the news reported the truth about this election?

That would be something…

In fact in one report at a polling place a voter was asked what are you doing voting republican?

The Answer was “Because there ain’t no one on the other side to vote for…


more than you think…


Making Criminals

Has the United States War on Drugs made criminals out of millions of Americans?

What about Prisons in America?

When you examine the situation concerning Mass Incarceration!

Expect to be overcome with the sheer numbers of Americans that are behind bars and in many cases treated like less than animals.

You may remember the outrage that some in the Media portrayed at the “apparent mistreatment” of some bad people at a military prison outside the USA.

Would it surprise you to learn that there are far more mistreated Americans in prisons and local jails that are mistreated and even murdered?

It should not surprise you but for many of you it truly will shock you if you knew about it.

This is part two of the series of the state of crimes in the USA and how the antiquated system of Non Justice is impacting America that used to be Great into something that resembles a Nightmare.

Now of course we still believe that America is great!

But just because the Media choose to ignore the truth about the war on drugs and really the war on the American People does not mean that these things are not becoming a serious cancer on what it used to mean to pursue happiness and the American Dream!

The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 109 federal prisons, 1,772 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,163 local jails, and 80 Indian Country jails as well as in military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, state psychiatric hospitals, and prisons in the U.S. territories.

By Wendy Sawyer and Peter Wagner
March 19, 2019

Now you can browse through the data on this website and it is quite disturbing but there is a lot of data that is not covered in this article. Prisons Punishment and the Media what roles do corrupt states and prison commissions play in the destruction of the American Dream in the name of the Law?

Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2019 

Most People in America that are in Jail are there because they cannot afford bail!

More than Half a Million people are in jail and have not been convicted of a crime!

520 thousand people are in jail on drug and drug possession charges! Think about that for a moment! Yes, many of these people deserve to be in jail! But the numbers here are astounding!

With these kinds of issues you might wonder at why so many law enforcement agencies are actively operating stings that are making criminals out of mostly non violent individuals and in many cases people who before running afoul of the overstimulated legal system productive people who had jobs and families before ending up in prison.


Drug arrests continue to give residents of over-policed communities criminal records, hurting their employment prospects and increasing the likelihood of longer sentences for any future offenses.

Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2019  

Did you notice something in the above quote!

Hard not to notice it, but just in case, the conjunction of two words. Over and Policed! Is that something that is becoming a real problem in America?

You better believe it folks!

There are areas in many cities and municipalities that regularly make arrests that are less than legal and in some cases akin to criminalization in the name of making money! Because make no mistake the moment that you get arrested the American Dream you may have had is over for most people! Once convicted you become a second or even third class citizen with fewer rights and remedies than other citizens.

Everything becomes more expensive!

Hiring Lawyers, paying for food in some prisons can be a matter of life and death. Sickness and injuries as well as “accidental death” become real threats to many people confined in substandard facilities.

Yet the media want to put the president in jail?

Is there a way out of what is essentially a legal system that came from a nation that America fought a revolution over?

The answer to that question is a very difficult one and arguably we have not come as far as one might think when it comes to medieval justice or in this case the lack of justice when the rich often go free while the poor end up indentured to the wealthy or in reality the state of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, which are considered in many statistics as the most egregious violators of human rights in some circles.

But who is at fault here?

Is it the government or is it the people?

With so many laws in place, including Millions of laws that are on the books including spitting on the sidewalk and numerous others technically by the time you get to this paragraph you likely have broken a law!

You might leave your home and break a law!

It has been said that we are a nation of laws!

But that my friends is not true that is the biggest lie you will ever hear come out of the mouth of a politician!

WE are NOT a nation of laws We are a nation of People!

PEOPLE! Not Laws!

One of the most disturbing things you will not read in the newspaper today or hear on the news today or in the digital media or perhaps most places online today is the fact that 63,000 youth in confinement in the United States: Too many are there for a “most serious offense” that is not even a crime.

Kids in Jail?

Yes, Kids in Jail and even though there have been books published and movies made today there are more than 68,000 kids many that are not violent have committed no real criminal act and did not intend to do so are in some of the most horrible situations than you could ever even imagine.

A few years ago a publication discussed the very real problems of how many people are in jails all over the USA because of all the laws that are on the books. In fact in this publication there was a discussion of a tipping point at which so many people would be in jail that eventually there would come a point where the numbers of people in jail and charged and convicted of a crime would become more than the population that were paying taxes and when that point came American would die from the inside out!

Which brings us to the topic of the next installation of crimes in America and how the war on drugs is destroying a nation.

Stay tuned because what you see on the Media and on the news is nothing compared to what is quietly happening in many towns cities and counties in this nation.

Much of this is either under reported or not reported at all!

If we continue to ignore the truth about what is going on in this nation while democrats hold fake trials about fake impeachments we could be watching the final dark moments of a once great nation coming to an end!