Vaccine Death?

When you do a search on Search Engines you often can see something that is disturbing…


Of the Truth..

When you do a search and all you see are so called “Fact Checkers” or denials of the truth that should tell you something about what is really going on.

If for example you did a search for an item of particular interest and all you saw was stories that said, No you did not see a video that told you about facts, missing context.

Or how about this one some videos show misinformation about information.

When you see hundreds of web pages that only exist to deny inf0rmation and not to confirm information then you are not reading the truth you are reading the lie about the truth.

This should concern you greatly!

What if you saw a webpage that denied established factual science.

Would you believe the truth or the lie about the truth.

What if the truth were being hidden from you?

Death and the Vaccine that Fails to protect.

It is becoming very difficult to understand why so many people have been injured but yet the call for vaccination continues.

As of Sept. 27, there were 8,164 reports of deaths following the Covid vaccination.


However even now at this very moment so called “Fact Checkers” and the media are busy denying established science and VEARS data as “out of context” or “misrepresenting” data.

But when you actually look at the data that has been compiled you cannot deny that there is a problem.

“Well I guess you can deny anything” But that does not make it any less true…

According to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), as of Sept. 27, there were 569,294 adverse event reports associated with Covid vaccinations.

This is more than anyone ever even imagined was possible when you begin to look at the data and how many injures have occurred you have to ask why is the media not reporting the truth.

What is happening?

Science tells us that what is happening cannot be denied unless the entire reason behind the denials are related to politics and socialized programming that has gone over the edge.

Social Conditioning is a thing…

What does this data tell us?

What this tells us is that in the instance where a patient has already recovered from an immune reaction that taking the vaccination on top of an established immunity that injury is more likely to occur when a person already has an established antibody response.

More stuff…

“Blood Clots and Disorders account for more than 32,000 reports to the VAERS system.”

The Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccine was found to triple the risk of myocarditis, according to a real-world case-control study from Israel, which found “vaccination had a strong association with an increased risk of myocarditis.”

The evidence is becoming so obvious that even the media will not be able to “black out” these statistic’s. 

What is happening with these vaccines is creating more harm than good.

Simply put the Vaccine is a FAILURE!

“in August, a new, independent study of medical records found the incidences of myocarditis and pericarditis are more than five times more common than CDC reported.”

The Headline that should be heard around the world is this.

More than 560,000 adverse vaccine events reported to VAERS as of Sept. 27


The truth is coming out along with the Data to back it up.

*Note that the total number of deaths associated with the COVID-19 vaccines is greater than the number of deaths associated with all other vaccines combined since the year 1990.


It is disturbing to say the least that this information is not being reported by the media.

Considering the sheer overwhelming reality of injuries and death associated with this type of “Vaccine” MRNA Vaccine, the amount of injuries has now reached the point where the incidence of injury and death have reached the point that it is now far more likely that the cure has officially become worse than the disease.

The more data that becomes available the more of the truth will be revealed.

Things are coming to a head and the media will no longer be able to deny what this data has revealed.

The truth is out there folks. LOL.


Where is the Science?

We have seen a lot of different types of information that has been proffered up by the Media and by the Social Media…

Often if you are actually paying attention to what is being said you will begin to see a pattern.

That pattern can be somewhat disturbing if and when you begin to examine what the Media are actually saying.

When you see a report most of the time there is no evidence that accompanies the information that the media are saying is the truth.

In fact if you search on Google you will see hundreds of websites that are devoted to telling you why what they are saying is true and what others say is not truth.

Have you noticed that?

Another situation is that you will often see one doctor that the Media have picked to be the “poster child” for the point of view that they want to tell you is true.

So, you see a doctor on TV telling you using certain words that what they say is true and what others say is not true…

What is missing here?

The Science that is what is missing.

Even in high school and in colleges students see at least some of the science behind biology and human physiology.

It would in fact be impossible to leave that out of the teaching process and still have a student that would be capable of providing services as a doctor or health care provider in the future.

So, what should the average person do when it comes to discovering what is true and what is opinion and what is simply just politically inspired nonsense.

Look for the Science.

What is the number one thing that is missing from all of these reports about the Pandemic?

You might be scratching your head right now but believe it there is something that is extremely important that is totally missing from the point of view or opinion of most of the media right now.

The Fact that Natural Immunity is still the best defence against any viral pathology to the body.

In fact the biggest world wide pandemic began shortly before 1918 and was responsible for more than 50 million world wide deaths, (estimated) some say it was more than that.

Scientists estimate that 33 percent of the Population became infected.

There was a high mortality rate.

The exact rate is debatable more so among scientists.

However somewhere between 1.9 and 2.6 appears to be what most scientists believe is close to accurate with the average being 2.5 percent.

Now those statistics would seem to be quite horrible and it was certainly very bad indeed however What if you look at it differently.

IF 33 percent of the population was infected.

That means that 67 percent of the population either did not contract the illness or they had such a mild case that the question of natural immunity has to be discussed as a conditional remedy that eventually reduced the efficacy of the virus.

So of the 33 percent of the population that did have a severe illness or moderately severe roughly 2.5 percent of those people died.

Add those up …

Yes, check it to see if you have it right, well wait.

30.5 percent survived.

plus 67 percent…

That means that in the three years of the Spanish Flu Pandemic.

97.5 Percent of all persons on the planet Survived.


This was what many scientists refer to as the mother of all pandemics.

The most deadly.

The most virulent.

People either got it or they did not and it did not matter how many wore masks.

It did not matter how many hid out in the basement or the Attic.

They either got it or they did not.

What is being left out of the Opinions that you see on TV now is that like the 1918 pandemic people are getting it even if they have had the vaccine.

Even if they wear a mask everywhere.

Even if they hid in their basement or attic.

Are you beginning to see what this tells us about how Science is being left out of the equation by the Media?

By all the measurable scientific evidence the current “pandemic” is not as bad as the 1918 pandemic.

In fact the survival rate is higher than in 1918.

Another thing to consider here is the fact that in 1918 there was no vaccine.

None, NADA, Nothing.

What this means is that Natural Immunity is still the best science based outcome that we have in terms of study and prevalence.

Naturally no one wants to be part of the percentage of people who die.

But with an acknowledged survival rate of between
98.6 and 99.75

The mortality rate is quite low.

In many cases it is less than three tenths of one percent.

0.25 percent.

This is what one percent looks like.

1.0 percent

Yes, it is terrible that so many have lost their lives and most people by now know someone or know of a friend of someone that has died because of this pandemic.

However it is also important to look at the science and to understand that when the media fail to show you the truth they are not doing so because they love you.

Never in history medical or science or statistically has there been an attempt to force people to be vaccinated.

There is a reason why this is important.

Even with the polio vaccine the level of vaccinated never reached anywhere near 100 percent.

Scientifically speaking to attempt to force 100 percent of the population to be vaccinated when over 90 percent of that population is naturally immune would be the greatest scientific stupidity in history.

This is what happens when the often clueless and uneducated media begin to try to lie to you about everything to further an agenda that only they know about.

Do not let the missing science mislead you into believing a lie when the truth is so much better for you in the long run.


This publication is not against approved vaccination in those persons who need to be vaccinated using an approved (not experimental) vaccine.

We are merely pointing out that persons with natural immunity do not need to be vaccinated.

In fact scientifically speaking here.

IF 100 percent of the population were to be vaccinated.

Including those with the natural immunity.

The result could be extremely bad for the future of a virus where the natural immune factor were removed from the equation.

Back to 1918 for a moment.

Today we have evidence that natural immunity lead to a reduction of mortality in all future cases of the flu.

Eventually leading to the flu being very much less deadly that is was in 1918.

What might happen if that natural immunity were removed artificially.

You might see a 70 percent infection rate with a 5 to 12 percent mortality rate. It could very well be even higher…

Does that sound like a good idea to anyone?

Think about it because the more you know…

The less you fear.


Bitcoin Plus

Something is happening in the crypto marketplace and the answer may have a lot to do with many different things taking place in the economy.

What may be happening is what could be called a perfect storm that may be inviting the traditional investing community to begin to buy more crypto assets.

When you begin to see the stock market take huge losses in combination with lower silver and gold prices this could be an indication that investors are looking for other investments that are not dependant upon the political climate and the FED.

Yesterday another dip in the stock market took place because information was revealed that seemed to indicate that the FED was going to do something…

When the FED makes information public that has an immediate effect on the stock market this is not a good thing for investors.

Investors look for investments that can be quantified in some meaningful way.

When a third party to the economy begins to fiddle with the price of stock then it becomes an issue that many investors just do not appreciate.

So, could this be a moment when we start to see a much higher demand for crypto products?

That would be a definiate


When you see the prices of traditional go to investments when the stock market sours begin to decline all when most data suggests that Gold and Silver usually goes up then you have a mystery on your hands.

That mystery may well be that many investors are seeing the possibility of higher demand for crypto as a meaningful opportunity for buying into the market.

One thing seems clear the stock market is not liking what the FED has been up to and the political climate is not helping confidence in their ability to actually lead rather than follow.

As with any information about investing this is not advice.

Always consult with a professional before making any kind of investment decision.

Knowing that professionals are best situated to help investors with opportunities such as stock or other types of investments research and data are key in making those decisions.

Over the last few months many predictions have been put forward concerning bitcoin and the crypto market and it does appear that in the future there will be a continued interest in these and other opportunities.

The news about companies that are involved in developing digital products and or crypto tokens has been prevalent. Now we just have to see what happens next and remember to get good professional help.


Natural Immunity

Is there such a thing as being immune?

The human Immune system has three different types of immune functions they work together to respond to a problem or a threat to the body. Naturally not every exposure requires a response as every human body is different. Some people are completely immune to the flu they do not get the flu it is a genetic property that constitutes about 70 percent of the population remain unaffected by the flu because that body is not susceptible to that virus. source.

The different types of human immunity are Innate passive and adaptive. (other mechanisms also work together to produce antibodies when required)

Innate immunity: Everyone is born with innate (or natural) immunity, a type of general protection

Adaptive immunity: Adaptive (or active) immunity develops throughout our lives

Passive immunity: Passive immunity is “borrowed” from another source and it lasts for a short time.


MRNA Vaccines employ a method of introduction to the human immune system that by passes the normal human immunity response.

Not everyone needs to be inoculated, some people have allergies that could create severe risk so saying that everyone needs to be vaccinated is not only ridiculous but incredibly ignorant. source.

Every person is different.

We eat different foods, we develop different immunities because this is how the human body has evolved.

Because we are all different creating a vaccine that produces a single dimension anti-body response which is predicated upon the same RNA using a messenger to deliver this (instruction to the body) is not how the body normally responds to a viral threat.

The real truth is that we do not really know what we can expect from these MRNA vaccines because it has not been studied.

It is Experimental.

Now having said that does that mean that these Vaccines are dangerous to the population as a whole?

We do not know that as yet.

That would be the most scientific answer however if you are inclined to gamble then we could say that it is somewhat unlikely that these vaccines would cause wide spread health issues but it is also important to understand that because we do not have supporting clinical data we will not have complete answers for up to five years.

It might well be revealed that there will be a certain percentage of the population that might experience some long term immune related diseases.

I trust my doctor.

When it comes down to it IF my doctor said that I needed to be vaccinated then I would likely follow that advice, I would evaluate that advice and then make a decision.

But as it is I have already had C19 and it was a very mild short lived illness that was not very disruptive to my overall health.

So, at this time taking a vaccine that manages a response that is not at this time necessary because of natural immunity is in this case is preferred to the MRNA vaccine.

Everyone should decide based on their own individual health and circumstances.

Personally I find it difficult to understand this idea that vaccination versus natural immunity somehow creates the need for paperwork or proof of immunity.

One thing that I can say with certainty is that when you see commercials for medications on TV and you hear the possible issues with taking that medication.

Those disclaimers are in place to deter lawsuits.

However Those medications and the companies that market those medications are not excluded from lawsuits.

So they disclose publicly all the different things that might go wrong based on clinical science.

They know that of the hundreds of thousands of people who will take the medications some people are going to have serious problems.

IF on the other hand those medications and those companies were given a pass and excluded from the risk of a lawsuit? I would challenge you this would they still warn you of potential problems?

Or would they just say its safe and effective?

Something to think about.



Why is inflation a big deal in any Economy?

There are a lot of valid issues that occur when any economy begins to inflate and those issues often are a direct result of how the government managers policy in many different ways.

In America there are a lot of facets of the economy and it is not usually just one or even a few issues it is normally many issues.

However one of the biggest problems faced in this current economy is the high cost of inflation and how the current policies of Washington are severely contributing to these issues.

When decisions are made in a logical fashion based on data and common sense we find by looking at the past we can see what will happen in the future.

When decisions are made not using logic but using emotion and doing so with a political agenda inflation issues get out of control.

Take for instance during the 1970s we saw some of the highest inflation and bank mortgage rates in history.

This created a housing crisis.

What the Past has to teach us about the future…

When Jimmy Carter took office in January 1977, unemployment had reached 7.4 percent. Carter responded with an ambitious spending program and called for the Federal Reserve (the Fed) to expand the money supply. Within two years, inflation had climbed to 13.3 percent.

With inflation getting out of hand, the Federal Reserve Board announced in 1979 that it would fight inflation by restraining the growth of the money supply. Unemployment increased, and interest rates rose to their highest levels in the nation’s history. By November 1982, unemployment hit 10.8 percent, the highest since 1940. One out of every five American workers went some time without a job.

Student Text book.

The truth about inflation is almost always about the decisions leaders make that are in power at the time these inflationary events take place.

Take for instance the cancellation of an action that congress took just before this current administration took office.

The keystone Pipeline.

Both democrats and republicans voted for this.

28 democrats voted for this and the people of the United States were for this pipeline because it would mean jobs and lower energy prices.

The decision to overthrow the will of the people and the valid action of congress which was supported by both sides is even now being challenged in court.

Does the President have the authority to remove a congressional action after construction has begun and companies have made purchases to support the completion of the project?

Legally it is likely that this will be a NO!

But we will hear the arguments on both sides.

I suspect that had the permit been cancelled before construction had begun then it would be far more likely that a challenge would be rebuffed however given the very large amount of expenditures made in good faith and the issue of jurisdiction being soundly and constitutionally with congress it is likely that this is one battle that Washington will not win.

Inflation is not about the Pandemic and never will be.

Inflation is and always has been about those in power and the decisions they make.



There is about to be a huge revolution in the technology front and this is the Droid you are looking for…

(this is not financial advice) we receive no funding from any crypto agency or entity, blago planet does not advocate any crypto fund or token as always do your due diligence and research before making any decisions about cryptocurrency.

Now back to the FET and no its not Boba FET either but it does kind of sound cool right?

First thing you need to know about this company is that it is not like anything you have ever seen before.

FET is short for FETCH…


If you think that this could change the landscape of everyday delivery applications…
You are so Right…

So.. What does this mean?

For companies like Uber who have in the past have had issues with drivers and complaints about both the behavior of customers and drivers…

This could potentially
save them Millions of dollars every year!

Among the many different types of deliveries that take place from food to groceries and even Auto Parts it is becoming clear that Fetch.AI is not only needed but it could prove to be a powerhouse of amenities and consumer centric services.

Powerful and Provocative.

Imagine what you could do with this kind of technology.


Election Fraud?

Remember back a few months ago when the price of Gasoline was lower.

Back when the prices at Grocery stores was not so high that you cant believe the prices…

Back when the Media said that there was no such thing as election fraud?

Well, since that time a lot of things have happened.

Democrats have run and hid.

They have found that no matter what the media tried to hide or cover up the truth started coming out.

Is it possible that we might be watching the flash point at which socialism begins to collapse.

Is it possible that Cuba might become a free nation even as the media begin to cover up again the truth behind what is happening there…

In reality all you have to do to stop the media from its lying forked tongues is to stop buying the products they promote.

That is really all you have to do.

The truth is about to come spilling out and it is going to shock a lot of people that watch the media and believe everything that they say.

I know people who are left leaning liberals.

Even though we do not see things the same way we are still friends.

Even they cannot believe all the garbage that the democrats are engaged in.

Even they are not going along with this nonsense.

The truth will be liberated!


Bitcoin Dead?

As you might expect Bitcoin has been pronounced dead…

Again and Again!

In fact over 400 times now Bitcoin has been declared dead.

Will it stick this time?

Over the last two weeks the crypto markets have been decimated.

Losses in the Billions…

Is it over? Really over this time?

Will bitcoin finally succumb to the end of the internet and the end of all things digital?

Probably not…

With so much news coming out about the Crypto Markets and the sudden value reduction it is easy to say that things are ending for crypto however that may not be the truth.

The news media even came out and blamed a tweet by a misbehaving Billionaire, for the reason why BTC and many other Cryptocurrencies lost billions in value overnight.

Was that the truth?

No, not at all but it does look like the markets are very sensitive and superstitious when it comes to rumors and innuendo.

The truth is not as obvious as you might imagine and no it is not over just yet.

“This is not financial advice”

While prices are down some are saying that this is an opportunity and others say cut your losses but that is something that each person has to decide for themselves.

It is likely that prices will rebound but who knows how long that might take, a week, a month, never.

One thing is clear there are companies that are deeply involved in developing new technology and creating opportunities that quite frankly are mind blowing.

This is not just air they are selling although some have said that the real truth is something akin to science fiction without the fiction.

When you begin to look deeper into many of these companies you can see that there are some real burgeoning enterprises that are quite frankly developing the future of the internet and beyond.

Just like they said about how the Internet was just a fad…

Like Email would never replace regular mail.

Like Websites would never compare to brick and mortar stores. . .

They were wrong about all those things and they are likely wrong about Crypto as well.

In the near future we are going to do a deep dive int0 what some of these companies are doing with digital currency and how it actually works.


bitcoin Records!

Two times today and the day is still young…

Wow, the bitcoin world is going crazy and so is crypto…

Today BTC or Bitcoin broke two record high events within hours of each other. 

63,695.98  and 63,768.79 before sinking down to around 53,300  BUT the day is not over it is very possible that we will see 64,000.00 and above either later today or tonight. 

Some think that this is due to the “Coin-Base” Effect which in case you may not know is happening on April the 14th. 

Certainly there is some effect and that is logical however there are many other factors that are beginning to point to a large surge in price for bitcoin in the near future. 

There are a lot of people who have been holding for years and i can imagine that this presents a real conundrum for those people. 

Should I sell now while its high or should I wait until it goes even higher?

Likely it will go higher.  (that is not financial advice)

Some are predicting 110,000.00 by the end of this year and still others have made some rather let us say unlikely price amounts which I am somewhat loath to mention but hey its the internet right, you probably already heard this anyway but just in case… 


Now, the chances of BTC going to $400,000.00 by Dec 2021…

I just cannot imagine it but also I could not imagine it going from 30,000 to 63,000 in less than 90 days either. 

(This is not financial advice) 

I believe that the high for tomorrow may be up to $70,000.00

Now that would be a real Boon for Coinbase and for a lot of small investors as well. 

The thing here to remember and again this is not financial advice at all, not in any way shape or form. 


But the thing to consider here is that in order to really profit from the buying and selling of Crypto you have to get it at an affordable price or buy it while it is in the low end of the cycle. 

Like right now it is around 63,161.725

It will likely go down some and then back up again. 

IF you have nerves of steel, you could profit some. 

Again though it is important to remember that if you are thinking you can buy 10 bucks and make 10,000 well you are not really in the right place to be investing right now and that also goes for those that do not have any investment capitol. 

Basically what this means is do not under any circumstances put your rent money into BTC. 

WE all know that it is going to happen but it is a very Bad idea. 

Again, not financial advice but logic dictates that you should never Every Under any Circumstances risk money that you need in order to survive. 

Grocery, Food, Rent, Car payment, Gas, 

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, the best thing to do is to just ignore this completely and work on getting into a better situation where you have capitol that you can use in this way.   I know that sounded like it was advice but totally not.  

IF you are new to Crypto and are “thinking of getting started”  prepare to make mistakes. 

You will sometimes sell when you should be buying and buy when you should be selling. 

You will make mistakes. 

One of the most common mistakes is using a manual order form. 

A lot of people do not really understand how they work and believe me sometimes they do not work the way you think they do and sometimes they do not work at all. 

So, be prepared to make mistakes. 

But probably the most important thing you can do is to educate yourself. 

No that does not mean watching a 3 min video on coinbase. 

They are informative but hardly provide the in depth information that you are going to need before really starting to buy and sell, much less trading. 

There are lots of people who are very experienced at trading that lose their shirts on Crypto so be very wary wabbit. 

One of the things that you can do is to use a good service one that allows you to trade on “paper”  This lets you try out the system but the trades are not real, your using fake money to try out what trading might be like. 

Also be very aware that just because you “fake trade” and see some success, remember your actions are likely going to be influenced. 

Basically what I mean by that is that when you are playing monopoly its different than say you were to play monopoly for real money. 

Money tends to kind of change the way you feel when you are trading. 

When subconsciously you know its not real you will take risks that you will not feel comfortable with taking when it is the real thing. 

Also you might feel over confidant and take that risk and then watch in “horror” as the price drops and drops and drops just after you made that trade. 

Hey it happens to every trader out there. 

The bottom line here is sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. 

Never Risk something that you cannot afford to lose. 

IF you cannot afford to lose your Automobile, then you certainly should not be risking the price of that automobile on the offhand chance that BTC will go up…

You can trade with as little as a few hundred dollars but honestly you will not likely see much profit. 

The thing is you do have to start somewhere and loosing a few hundred dollars while gaining an education on how NOT to do that again…   Priceless education but only if you can afford to lose that money. 

We say this all the time. 

Never Risk what you cannot afford to lose and people still do it anyway.

Like your wife or your girlfriend. 

Tempting I know but seriously its not going to end well if you do something like that. 

All humor aside, This Really is not financial advice. 

Buying and selling crypto can be fun and rewarding but it can also be like staring in your own horror film one where you end up without your shirt or you pants. 

Seriously read up on this stuff because there is a lot to learn and no matter how much you think you know now…  You do not know enough… 


BTC cheaters?

Are there really people that are actively engaged in manipulating the Crypto Currency Maketplace?

In a word, YES!

Crypto Buyers are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. 

The price fluctuations are a serious problem for many that are interested in bitcoin but are not sure if they want to chance the marketplace. 

That is a wise decision and one that for many reasons could save you a lot of time and money. 

One of the biggest problems right now is Options. 

Options are sold by large companies that basically allows participants to “Bet” on the outcome of the price of Bitcoin or many other things as well. 

In the Stock market world there are rules in place that are governed by various agencies that investigate problems. 

You would think that after over 100 years of this kind of issue people would know better than to try to “Fix” the market so that their bet turns out as a sure thing. 

There are a lot of people that are in prison right now for doing or we should say trying to do this very thing. 

In the Bitcoin world, BTC for short, some people feel that they can do anything they want to do and it will not matter. 

So, right now the only people really making anything trading BTC or Bitcoin are these rule breakers. 

What they do is to manipulate the market using several accounts, they buy and sell at certain price points. 

Both on the sales side and on the buyer side. 

They do this at the same time. 

So, currently the price is being manufactured. 

It is being held down to below 59,500.00

Now this is very unfair to the entire marketplace and it is even more unfair to companies that are producing software products to help people trade better. 

When the average or even above average trader cannot profit because the market is being manipulated to stay lower than it should be then no one can make any money. 

They want the price to stay around a certain price point. 

They do not want it to go too low and they do not want it to go too high. 

So, unless you were lucky enough to have traded when the price was NOT being determined by wealthy individuals with an agenda then you are probably looking at Bitcoin and other Crypto currency and thinking you know this does not look like something that I would be interested in. 

That would be something to consider, (this is not financial advice) always consult with a professional before engaging in any kind of investment. 

In many ways I do not blame people for backing away from BTC or Bitcoin or any other digital currency. 

As an example, today if the price goes one inch over the 58,000.00 mark some accounts come and dump a lot of BTC on the market in order (allegedly) to force or push the price down lower. 

You can see this easily the price has been “kept” at between 58,300 and 57,700  only occasionally going higher or lower.   

When this kind of thing happens it is a real problem for everyone. 

Sure the exchanges make money and the big players make money but everyone else is digitally strangled by these “players”  so what can the average person do?


The truth is that when this kind of thing is allowed to go on there are no winners in the real world. 

(this is not financial advice) 

In many ways it might be better to see what happens next because the more this happens the more that prices will keep going down until people are no longer interested in the market. 

Now, that might seem a little odd to the trader but a large part of what has made Bitcoin so valuable is the interest from the average person. 

IF this continues the average person is going to lose interest. 

So, back in the real world many people are beginning to ask the question When will the exchanges take some action because they have to know this is happening. 

There is no way they do not know this is going on because on one of the largest exchanges it is happening and rumors say that they are going for a direct listing soon. 

Perhaps even this month. 

But will that affect this (poor mans IPO?)   

Who knows, one thing is clear if they expect to do well on this direct listing they are going to have to “clean up” a lot of what is wrong and a lot more of what is being allowed to happen. 

Who knows what the future holds but one thing seems clear if it keeps going the way it has been going the last three months, well the market is not going to support Bitcoin. 

Not only might it crash but it could become worthless. 

I hope that does not happen but it seem clear that something is very wrong in the BTC world…