Big Top Impeachment Joke.

The MEdia today put on a big dog and pony show with the help of democrat’s.  All you had to do was to just watch what they were doing and you knew right away that everything they are saying is likely just not true. Nothing about what they were saying would hold water in any […]

MailChimp conflict of interest?

Mail Chimp for those that might not know who or what this small company actually is all about is a company sort of like constant contact only a lot smaller with less consumer functional features. Basically they are an email communication and or marketing company that sells access to difficult to use software access to […]

Democrats betray America?

Are we sitting by and watching a few people that are in control of the democrat party take over America? IS this The end of America? Is that what we are doing here? I realize that there is precious little that the average person or persons can do but what we can do is to […]

Power turned off in California

Potentially up to 600 thousand california residents could be without power soon. You may have seen on the news the stories about the power company PG&E turning off power in the event that wind might topple a power line and accidently cause a fire. Yes, in the event that wind creates a condition that might […]

Fact Checking the Fact Fact Checkers.

Facebook lies… when you see this you have to wonder just why they are so afraid… So what is a fact? So these so called, (related articles) they are not really articles at all and that is the beginning of the lies that facebook is engaging here. What this should say is that it is […]

Should you care?

It could be said that people often try to create change by telling a story this is the basis for the folk songs of the late 60s and 70s they often had a serious story to tell about corruption. Sadly that ended on August 4th when Joan Baez posted a song on youtube that is […]

Used car dealers?

You know the old jokes about car salesmen… You may have encountered one of these fast talking sales guys that just lied the entire time and over charged you for what turned out to be junk… It is likely that most of us at one time or another have ended up buying something that we […]

democRats are not afraid…

When you consider that the biggest election in the history of our nation is right around the corner you have to really wonder why these people are not worried. They appear to be willing to engage in any level of treason in order to get what they want… That is something that should be very […]

Child Exploitation?

Thunberg a victim? German MP’s: Thunberg may be victim of child abuse When you examine the linear position of the eyes one of them the left one is positioned at an angle suggestive of severe emotional disturbance perhaps even a mental health issue. (Another explanation) might be a medical issue. When the eyeball rolls partially […]