Hungry kids in school

In the news recently there have been reports that children who cannot afford to pay for a hot meal have been either denied food or served a cold lessor alternative.

It is difficult to understand how anyone could treat hungry kids like this however it happens.

Which brings up the question would kids be better off in prison?

Prisons serve criminals three meals a day…

They have access many times to a gym…

Medical care and a lot more…

Of course that is just a thought and a bad one at that but it does make you wonder how it is that we have prisons that are safer than schools…

When Prisons treat criminals better than schools treat children?

When prisons feed criminals but schools deny kids food?

no prosecute list ukraine?

Today in the fake impeachment trial…

Was there a list? You decide. ..

All you have to do is to just look online and you can see that there does appear to have been a list, but what does that mean?

When you see this you have to wonder about what is going on …

What does it mean? Was there actually a list?

Did this woman just lie on national TV and in front of congress?

WE do not know but if these people are lying they should be prosecuted.

blago planet does not necessarily agree or disagree with any opinions are or probable facts submitted by other sources. However, something looks very interesting about this image.

Is this real or is it fake?

We do not know for sure but it does appear that this could be something of interest more so when we have people on national TV making statements that appear to be less than truthful and less than honest.

Vote in 2020 or this may become the new normal way to lie and cheat your way into a political office.


Ironic tragedy in democrat impeachment fiasco.

When you see what is going on in Washington DC while America pays a huge price for what is happening.

Today we are listening to a woman that has spent 9 hours or more behind closed doors with the presence of democrats getting ready for what we are seeing today.

Meanwhile we are waiting for the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) America is waiting for this because it means prosperity and it means more jobs but instead this nonsense is what the democrats are engaged in.

This is so foolish.

What is going on in America?

Why are we even bothering to watch this insanity?

When you see all of this and when you understand that nothing about these things changes that the President had every right to fire these people.

This is one of the biggest nothing burgers in history.

America is getting tired of all of this garbage.

They deny all of these things and yet all you have to do is to go online and google this so called non existent list of do not prosecute list. IT is there for anyone to see it yet they deny it? This is so wrong in every way that matters.

Please make sure that you are registered to vote check on it before voting day so that you know that no one else may try to vote in your name because as you can plainly see the democrats will do anything to win even if it means that America and all of its people lose.

2020 election Politics

impeachment dog & Pony Show!

Well here we are yet again and this time we have a tabloid style arrangement that will sure to bring tears to your eyes.

Well perhaps tears of laughter.

Wait, what just happened about Benghazi?

How democrats manage to display a straight continence is beyond imagining but one thing is clear the 2020 election will bring millions more voters than we have seen in many years.

High voter turnout will be the biggest story that you will likely never hear about in the 2020 election and we have the democrats to thank for that.

So here we are on round two we have Yovanovitch born in Canada She grew up speaking Russian and indeed appears to have lived much of her life in Russia.

Does that seem a bit strange?

Perhaps so but what seems so odd here is that this woman is reading from a carefully worded ignorance.

She says that attacks on her and others were wrong? But if that is true then those same attacks are wrong to incorrectly accuse the president of the united states.

She paints a picture of what? Opinion? Conjecture?

What seems so awkward here is that the democrats begin the questioning by allowing themselves 45 minutes without any ability of anyone else to ask any questions…

Everything they are saying is unproven.

They make leading statements, none of which would be allowed in any court of law.

What is going to happen? Because we see nothing that relates to anything in this travesty of justice. This is a joke and a sad day in America.


Big Top Impeachment Joke.

The MEdia today put on a big dog and pony show with the help of democrat’s. 

All you had to do was to just watch what they were doing and you knew right away that everything they are saying is likely just not true.

Nothing about what they were saying would hold water in any court in this nation. 

They attempted to demonstrate emotional and fake guilt. 

They tried to turn words into crimes but it was not the words of the subject of the fake impeachment trial they were the words that hand picked witnesses recited and often democrats made leading statements that would never be allowed in any court of law anywhere in the world. 

Why are they doing this?

Simple they know they are going to loose the 2020 election and they just do not like it. 

What is really troubling here is that people are suffering both in this nation and in other nations all because the democrats are refusing to do anything. 

They are refusing to allow the USMCA to become the effective economic engine that would provide hundreds of thousands of jobs, create wealth and better paying jobs here and in other nations. 

The democrats are refusing to allow lower prescription medications….  

They are acting in a manner that is not consistent with the oath of office that they swore to uphold. 

This is very disturbing and could create a serious problem in the near future. 

This must stop…

IF the democrats cannot do the jobs that they swore to do then they must be removed or replaced. 

WE cannot allow this nonsense to continue…. 

The People of America see the democrats for who and what they are …
bad health care Politics

MailChimp conflict of interest?

Mail Chimp for those that might not know who or what this small company actually is all about is a company sort of like constant contact only a lot smaller with less consumer functional features. Basically they are an email communication and or marketing company that sells access to difficult to use software access to end users who want to market emails to consumers.

So, that is likely why you may never have heard of this company before for those that do know what mailchimp is and what they are all about, congrats you’re officially a nerd.

On to the news story apparently there is a third party connection between the CDC and Mail Chimp the company and mailchimp decided to ban any reference to information that perhaps the CDC did not like. Now this may not be the case but usually where there’s smoke there is fire folks and as a caveat and or disclaimer Blago planet does not share the opinions that ALL vaccinations are harmful and or dangerous.

However, it should be noted that in the past, vaccinations were not given out in the way that they are now with several contained in one dosage. Most of the baby boomer generation the vaccinations were staged, given at timed intervals, now they tend to put up to three at the same time or even more.

Ever feel like your being experimented on?

The CDC recently has given many pause in the way that they have chosen to promulgate, data and information in a way that suggests that perhaps this is not scientific but more dogmatic. For example the CDC failed to publish that with Vaping the injuries were strictly related to contaminated illegal vaping products and did not publish that information even though they knew it. This is a clear violation of the trust that the public sustains and expects from the CDC.

Additionally the fake news story that there was an Opioid epidemic turned out to be another point of contention where the CDC failed to publish and or ascertain the truth before blowing the whistle on a fake campaign that has created billions of dollars of damage. The CDC included prescription medications along with illegal drugs used by injection that killed thousands and thousands of people. The CDC did not separate out prescription use that was legal from that which was illegal. This left the impression that prescription medications were causing “Thousands” to die every second, (sarcasm) the problem was and still is that many in the media began to show images of prescription bottles along with the label Opioid crisis.

I think we have to ask is the CDC still trustworthy?

The answer has to be NO they are no longer trustworthy and the main reason for this is that the CDC has not and does not publish information about when they are and were wrong about assumptions that they made and never admitted to.

This is just not scientific and it is dangerous to begin to publish data in a political manner. Now it appears that perhaps the CDC is actively engaged in shutting down political views that they disagree with. If this is true then the CDC is becoming a threat to liberty and the freedom of speech. disclaimer, we do not agree with statements that all vaccines are bad. We do believe that people have a right to freedom of speech. Read more here.

Want to see more about the CDC and its questionable methods of data assimilation?

Good, because there is plenty of information that calls into question the ability of the CDC to do the right thing when it comes to assumptions they make that turn out to be wrong and perhaps even causes great harm to patients.

How the CDC assumes then never fixes the problem they create.

read more here.

2020 election Politics

Democrats betray America?

Are we sitting by and watching a few people that are in control of the democrat party take over America?

IS this The end of America?

Is that what we are doing here?

I realize that there is precious little that the average person or persons can do but what we can do is to vote and support a political party that will oppose tyranny but what is happening today is seriously concerning. 

The democrats have voted to change the process because they were not able to get their way. 

They do not have evidence of a crime or anything else for that matter. 

They know that they cannot beat Trump at the ballot box so what they want to do next is to rig up a fake impeachment trial to try to overturn the will of the American People. 

   What has been done here is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. . . 

It is wrong and it creates the possibility that the Speaker of the House is actively attempting to nullify the 2016 election. 

  Banana Republic?  Perhaps. 

  This entire situation is just insane and furthermore we have a situation here where the speaker of the house is about to overthrow this nation. 

How could they do this?


Power turned off in California

Potentially up to 600 thousand california residents could be without power soon.

need power?

You may have seen on the news the stories about the power company PG&E turning off power in the event that wind might topple a power line and accidently cause a fire.

Yes, in the event that wind creates a condition that might accidently swirl around a trampoline in someone’s backyard pick that trampoline up and then hurl it toward a power line which has somehow managed to become so frail that it might cause the trampoline to catch fire then slowly return to the earth where it might accidentally cause a dog house to catch fire…

Ok, well that is just one scenario where wind might cause some unrelated third party to create conditions where something might happen.

I know what you might be thinking here, don’t insurance companies have a thing where all they have to do to get out of paying for a claim is to say it was an act of God.

Well yes they do and I might add they are masters at doing this…

But in california well things are different.

Want to know why the power company is shutting off power?

This is why…

PG&E reaches $11 billion settlement with California wildfire insurers

You read that correctly and that is why people are without electricity because of lawsuits and believe it or not these lawsuits are popping up all over the USA.

Pacific Gas & Electric has reached an $11 billion settlement with a group of insurers that will cover most of the claims from wildfires in California in 2017 and 2018.

The utility said in a statement the tentative agreement covers 85% of the insurance claims from fires that included the Camp Fire, which decimated the town of Paradise and killed 86 people.

A group of insurers said in a separate statement the settlement is well below the $20 billion the insurance companies had sought in bankruptcy court.

So you think that all of these lawsuits have no consequences?

Someone always pays the bill and in many cases it is not the state or the insurance companies it is almost always the people who end up paying the piper.

So to all those unfortunate people in california who continue to elect democrats who end up creating an environment where foolish lawsuits can be levied on utility companies (when clearly it was an act of God) (being facetious here) yes that is a word, look it up…

Next up … States that sue to get money from companies that had nothing to do with the problems they are being sued over…

What happens to all that money?

2020 election Politics

Fact Checking the Fact Fact Checkers.

Facebook lies…

when you see this you have to wonder just why they are so afraid…

So what is a fact?

What? So, the fact checkers just say false, with nothing to really support what they are pretending is the truth. (So what they are saying is that because some people do not believe the truth that God is really in charge of the earth that we people are just a small part of this world… We have nothing to do with the weather, we cannot make it rain we cannot make it snow, we cannot make it hot we cannot make it cold, we cannot do anything to this earth that God does not allow to happen. . . So to all those fact checking fact fact fact checkers, who do not believe in God… Good Luck with that. . .

So these so called, (related articles) they are not really articles at all and that is the beginning of the lies that facebook is engaging here.
What this should say is that it is propaganda aka lies designed to deceive.

Science or pseudoscience
Is this something that is supported by more than just one test?Perhaps done under specific circumstances designed to elicit a set response?   Could it be managed much like polls are now managed to bring about a pre-conceived idea or develop a new one based on biased means. 

Polls are manipulated all the time and so are fact checking websites, they are manipulated to appear to show you a truth based on a certain way of using a word that appears to contradict the truth but only for people that are not really able to tell the difference between the truth and the lies told on facebook.

You just pay the company doing the poll and you get what you pay for…

Could it be done the same way with science?

You bet it can and on top of that it has been done over and over again for many years even as far back as the early 1800s and likely before that as well. 

Books like bad science a book exposing many (but not all) the terrible pseudo science which is seriously flawed in many different ways.   

But apparently facebook does not like to have the truth show up without trying to refute the truth with lies. 

Fact Checking Liars. 

So how can you find out what the truth is when you have a third party constantly lying to you about everything with almost no proof that they are right and you are wrong…

Still we know the truth when we see if and when we hear it right?

Yes, that is something that is correct, the truth reveals itself  to those with the wisdom to see and understand it. 

So the next time you see this. 

Just know that if facebook believes that they have to lie to you multiple times then that is the truth and facebook is the lie.

Hello, this is not a related article, this is propaganda and that is the lie…

Should you care?

It could be said that people often try to create change by telling a story this is the basis for the folk songs of the late 60s and 70s they often had a serious story to tell about corruption. Sadly that ended on August 4th when Joan Baez posted a song on youtube that is just a bunch of lies.

So sad really that someone that was once considered a talented singer has now stooped to a new low that even a snakes belly cannot really understand the depths of a compassionless soul.

Songs at one time were a way of addressing the truth by way of song when doing so in reality might be dangerous. We had great song writers that created great songs that become classics. (Perhaps we did not all agree about the content of those songs but most of the time that content was mostly accurate) Not so now.

Now we have a woman who is attempting to lie to people by singing about it.

Singing lies as if they were the truth now that is such a disservice to the truth.

Nasty Man by Joan baez I recommend disliking this song on youtube it is time to begin to tell the world that behaving this way is not acceptable.

What a shame when all you have left to sing about is hate.

the lies of a generation going up in flames.