The cost of everything has gone up!

More than anyone can even understand!

Yet for the average person wages are the same!

Families have to pay twice as much for most things they purchased just three years ago.

Some of this is Greed!

Yes, the media show a news story about how the price of Gas and Groceries will go up and up and up…

Then retailers go up on the price of their products…

In some instances the products they are selling have not actually gone up in price.

Many companies are reporting record profits.

hard to believe…


crypto sell buy ?

Everything changes when trading there is a somewhat high learning curve but the returns have been much better for Crypto investors than traditional stock traders.

So, what to do with Crypto, buy it Sell it or Trade it?

You can do all of those things and a lot more.

Crypto is really more than just a digital currency in a lot of ways crypto is not really what most people think it is.

There are a lot of different types of products.


Decentralized finance.

This is something that wealthy people have had for years.

Access that is used to be only available to the wealthy.

That has changed and in many ways the wealthy are all about keeping these new tools out of the hands of the regular person.

Why you might ask.

Possibly because they (the wealthy) think that your not smart enough to use these tools and that for your own good you really should not be allowed to use these tools to make money.

After all they are the ones that are in the best position to decide what you should and should not be able to do right?


So while we watch congress attempt to make laws and rules concerning the public’s use of crypto and the average politicians net wealth averages more than 40 millions dollars it can be a little disturbing to see all these rules that they think they need to create for you but not for them.

So when will we start to see laws that are written for everyone and not just you and me but for those that make the rules as well…

There are a lot of really good things about this new and very modern modality of crypto and how it works and a lot of people have no idea that the average bank is paying less than one quarter of one percent.

While it is possible to easily find crypto deals that pay 5 to 12 percent on a regular basis that’s better than any CD out there right now.

A prime example is STX which is paying around 11.57 percent right now with a minimum of 100 STX to get started that’s roughly 38 to 40 dollars. Take one of the bigger investments groups which has a minimum of $5000.00 just to open an account the average percentage return is less than 4 percent.

If you want to have full service access to a trading platform you are going to need $25,000.00 just to open an account.

When you look at the low entry point for defi and crypto this is the people’s future.

Congress is doing everything it can to limit and to destroy crypto but that is not going to ever happen they cant control it.

The main reason why then can not control it is they do not understand it.

Many of them do not even really understand facebook or twitter.

This is why you should figure out where you will enter the market.

The people who have run finance for years are about to be on the sidelines without any real understanding of how they lost their jobs because many of them never really embraced the internet.

So, seriously consider getting a crypto education because traditional investments are being left behind by more and more investors…

What is really more interesting here is the fact that the stock market wants to see the crypto market conform to the way that the stock market has been run for years.

They want to control digital currency in all its modalities but that is just not going to happen.

They think that they can control it but they are mistaken.

Again get educated because the longer you wait to understand what is changing about this new digital frontier the more money you are losing. . .


AP Fact check?

You know years ago the AP was a respected news organization…

What happened to the AP anyway?

The reason why the AP has degraded into a pit of darkness is something of a mystery but only to those that are running this organization into the ground. What is this anyway?

Take a close look at the above image…

FACT checks ?

I know this is difficult to understand but this is a post

(a funny post highlighting sports).

Yes, a sports cartoon! FACT CHECKED BY THE AP!

What we have here is a serious problem…

The AP which was at one time respected has now become little more than a misinformation platform.

So, now we have a situation where the AP is engaged in Fact Checking Everything?



This is real and believe me I could not believe my eyes when on Facebook I saw the image posted above.

There is no way that anything like this should ever happen in a world where the Press is actually doing its job.

What this represents is not what it seems to be but it is out of control.

Facebook is allowing this to happen make no mistake there is a big reason why facebook or Meta LOL is losing money!

What you see above is political intervention along the lines of Pravda.

How can this happen on Facebook?

What this shows is that the AP is not checking facts at all but using the facebook platform AKA meta as a way to silence sports lovers all over the globe?

No that is not it at all they (the AP) are so engaged in censoring content on facebook that they are using a robot, (Artificial Intelligence) or a method of censoring large amounts of data that the AP feel needs to be checked ?

What this means is that it is not about Fact checking at all.

How could you be checking a fact?

Think about it, how could you be fact checking when you have not even read the content that is being blocked and or manipulating the public’s perception of what you think is a debatable argument.

Make no mistake Facebook is playing a role in this abuse and it must stop because we know what has been happening inside facebook and that is also something that must stop!

When you have to use a robot to censor and or fact check things you think are political then you are not fact checking anything at all.

What you are doing is blocking content using facebook to do it and Facebook is allowing this to happen..

In case you missed the issue here Facebook is being used by the AP as a means of blocking content they think is missing something that only they can fully explain…

We would love to see what the AP has to say about this issue…

The only thing that really makes any sense is that Facebook is allowing this to happen.

Facebook is creating a situation where there is no freedom for anyone other than the AP

Why is that allowed to happen?

Today we see what can happen when the truth is snuffed out by ignorance!


A leaderless Nation.

We find ourselves in a time of great peril when most of America are wondering who is really making decisions.

Today as most of America were wondering what is the next crisis that Americans will have to face We learn that a Banana Republic Move was made bypassing the usual and normal use of the Fisa Courts.

We find out that the White house were “UN Aware” of the methods and Modality that used a Magistrate Judge instead of the normal protocols that are in place to preserve the Constitution and the Freedom that this document Guarantees.

This is not the first time that a Prosecutor has done something that was in a grey area however this is the first time that any agency has attempted to do an end run around the constitution and the FISA courts.

This is very concerning because it shows that we have a government that is leaderless.

When you have no leader the mice will play.

America has sunk to a new low and it is up to the people to vote in this upcoming election because if we fail to do so we could find ourselves living in a third rate nation with no laws.

It is difficult to watch more so for Veterans who have sacrificed so much in order to preserve freedom yet we have children who are running around in the hallways with dangerous power.

IF congress fails to address this problem and actually attempts to defend what happened yesterday, the People will vote and they will vote because they know that what this nation has become is wrong.

We cannot trust the Media, We cannot trust polls, now it appears that we cannot trust Congress.

This is hard and it is difficult but we as a nation and a people have overcome in the past.

Yet, our leaders are like spineless jellyfish who put on a good dog and pony show but fail to do anything else.

It is time to do more than Talk!

Congress must take action and not just talk about how outraged they are but actually take legal steps to address this out of control situation.

It is time for the people to take back this nation from corrupt people who do not care about the people of this nation.


Smear Lies = Stupid

Drama support by the Media liars was broadcast on National TV!

Very similar to what we saw with Judge Roy Moore, Neil Gorsuch plus other political figures over the last four years we have seen unsubstantiated and now proven lies with regard to accusing a political figure without any real evidence.

So, the Congress they are the ones that did this plus the Media!

Your Representative’s

Put on a show that was a stinking mass of ignorance.

We know this to be what has been done in an attempt to smear politicians but only some politicians.

All the while the Media have been engaging in some serious foul play.

What is really interesting here is the fact that 90 percent of the public no longer trust the Media!

Because they lie.


Over and over again they just lie, lie, Deny!


Zales outlets?

Buyer beware…

What you see is not always what you get!

Recently a friend related to me an issue that he encountered when making a purchase at Zales outlet online.

He purchased this ring!

real pretty right…

But this is what he got…

It also arrived with Made in India tags…

nothing wrong with that but the listing at the zales website said the product was previously owned..

This would imply that the item was not new or of substantially less quality that the item was described as.

He was telling me about how difficult it was to reach someone that could assist him.

There are no email address published.

You can Text, as long as you agree to allow marketing from other people.

You can Call, but they are not very helpful when it comes to addressing an inequity.

Chat was just copy and paste.

With references to the varied quality of diamonds.

But exactly when does it become a serious problem?

When they say variance can be different but what about a 60 percent inclusion rate? When you get to 60 percent that is not variance that is possibly fraud, allegedly.

So far my friend has not been able to talk with anyone that has offered to remedy the issue.

Can’t wait to see the reviews…


High Prices?

Used Stuff that may or may not be of a particular value.

Seems kind of hard to understand when you look at the situation with the media fanning the flames of inflation some Americans are believing the ignorance of the Media.

So, what is the deal anyway?

Are things really worth twice as much as they were only a few months ago just because the media say it is?

Take used Car and Truck prices!

What used to be worth 12,000 is now worth 25,000?


Used Vehicles with high mileage and potential mechanical issues…

Is it worth 500 times more than it was before the media started talking about how high the prices were?

Did used car dealers see this on some news station and run outside and start adding 10,000.00 to the price of every pile of junk on their lots?

Well, Yes, they did…

In fact if you visit a used car dealer you will hear about how high prices have gone.

They will tell you that your lucky to even get a car at all because no one has any cars to sell.


Oh, yes, your lucky you stopped in today because this is the last truck I have and today it’s only 89,0000.00 in fact were prepared to take the deed to your house and get you riding today!

Wow, sounds crazy and it is.

But here is the thing that all of these GREEDY dealerships are forgetting about.

The market is not actually full of people that are willing to pay 70 percent more for a marginal product…

The vast majority of buyers are not really as stupid as car dealers think that they are.

Most importantly.

We are not going to forget the dealerships that are now currently price gouging and pretending that a vehicle is worth more now than it would have been during the course of a normal marketplace.

Because that is what is happening and what you are seeing is greed.

Just remember these dealerships that are taking advantage and when things go back to more normal conditions choose not to do business with the greedy and two faced dealerships.


loop holes

When you read about loop hooes it usually is all about someone taking advantage of the gaping massive holes that congress seems incapable of fixing and or preventing in the first place.

When the average person looks at some of these (frankly) ignorant bills that congress creates, you almost have to wonder are these people ok?

The real question here is not that there are loop holes in these bills but that congress is so inept that it cannot seem to write a bill that actualy functions correctly.

One Big Problem.

The big problem that we face is the fact that these bills are not creating a solution.

They design these bills without the correct language that would force contractors to perform what they promise to do when they take money.

The glaring issue for Broadband Technology is that these telecom bills fail to mandate that a conractor will actually provide the services for which they are being paid for.

One large “Broadband” contractor took over 80 Million dollars then failed to provide the services which was broadband to rural consumers.

They actually took that money then sold off much of the rural assets and then allegedly took off with the money.

Why does that happen and how could it happen because you look at an average retail construction contract and you will not find a lack of accounability in that well written contract!

Yet, millions of americans are still waiting for broadband internet services and this after multiple millions of dollars have been paid out and accepted by contractors yet they only provided services to a small amount of subscribers.

Some in rural counties actually have fiber in their front yards but are told that they cannot get fiber.

Why? How?

This seems foolish and ignorant but we are seeing this and more issues every year and they seem to want to spend more money on this but they apparently are incapable of tendering a bill that would force a contractor to finish the job for which they are being paid to do.

I know this is crazy but is there anyone in congress that has half a brain?

No need to answer that because most of the time that is self evident.

So here we are again in an election year and they are yet again talking about broadband internet but most people have lost so much faith with congress that they really are no longer believing that congress will do anything with its current leadership and sadly they are not wrong!


Crypto Security Plus

Just as the news media started to broadcast the first images of Russians doing the un-thinkable something odd started to happen.

People in many European areas began to place more deposits into Crypto coins.

Of course it could have been just coincidence or it might be because in exceptional situations like war. Nothing is really safe. Even people you think of as your friends might turn on you take your money your food.

People get robbed in camps anything you might have that is valuable is normally just taken from you.

This may be why the crypto market has started to pick up even when the stock markets have been down.

People realize that digital currency is safer because it is not easily detectable.

Digital money can offer a secure method of storing cash when even the banks close its doors or are destroyed in hostile actions.

When the smoke clears people can then make their way to a safe place where they can then access that digital money.

The truth is that when times get bad the banks will not protect your money.

Governments will not protect your money.

This is a very big thing and it is something that is what cryptocurrency is all about.

People are starting to see that using digital currency can help when things get really bad.


Stock Market?

Will the stock market crash to the bottom?

A lot of people think it might but is that what is really going on?

IF you want to hear about the end of the stock market you can easily find that kind of news.

They will happily tell you a story that will convince you that you need to dump all your stock right away.

(Do they have an agenda?)

Probably they do.

OR if you prefer.

You can hear all about how this is the perfect time to buy…

How all those other people out there are panicking and selling out all the stocks they purchased over the last two years.

Sure, if you panic it could cost you a lot.

Back in the now Famous or perhaps infamous, Dot Com Bubble.

I was right in the thick of it, business development for a large New-York based, dot com/huge corporate parent’s and we had everything in fact they often told us we needed to spend more money dining so they could write it off on taxes.

Things were good!

Then overnight the word started slipping out.

Things were going south in a hurry.

Being under a contract I could not tell anyone what I knew all I could really do was to gently suggest that now would be a good time to sell.

I could not legally tell them anything about circumstances or any detailed information about anything.

I phoned a few friends, None of which listened to me.

Perhaps there was one, who was still left smiling after the chaos of those few days.

But like most people they just sat there and convinced themselves that hey its going to turn around.

Yahoo is going back up to over $700 again real soon!

But it did not.

In fact Yahoo was quickly down to around $20.00 in a matter of days.

Then $8.00

A few months later one of my friends said hey why didnt you tell me that everything was going south.

I told him that at the time I could not say anything because it might be considered a big issue.

Shades of Martha on that one but all in all even if I had told them hey its all going down and told them in the strongest terms possible sell sell sell…

They still would not have listened.

You like to think that you would but in reality the truth is you will do what you want to do.

Even if there is a dude with a cardboard sign outside your house that says the end is near…

So depending on what you believe might happen next.

You can either sell sell sell or you can do some buying…

The choice is yours.