Are Lamar Alexander (R) & Bob Corker (R) Traitors?

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The above title may seem a little amazing, because when you look at the situation you have to wonder what is going on.

Do we have people in congress that refuse to listen to the people that elected them to office?

Are they frauds doing what they want and allegedly taking pay offs?

Surly not I am sure they would never do such a thing yet we have this news story and it is allegedly from a reliable news source.

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The thing is this politicians are apparently become deaf, they work for the person with the biggest pocket book and that is often not the people that voted for them, when you ask them about this they say things like, “you just do not understand how things work here” or ” your not looking at this in the right way, if we dont do it the way that we get paid off then you may not get anything” Wow, really?

That is not a position of power, that is a position of weakness.

Are there any real men in congress at all?

According to this news story there may not be at all.