Apple could lose Billions?

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Tim Cook will never be Steve Jobs …

You can look around and see all of the problems that Apple has over the last few years and you could also say that many of those problem is due to poor decisions and poor leadership.

How could Apple loose big money ?

Simple all they have to do is to start taking apps like Twitter off of its app store and then watch as thousands of former customers start to move away from Apple Products.

One headline is Apple could lose Billions over China Covid regulations or protests depending on how you look at it.

All it really takes is a few bad decisions like for example taking a major social platform like Twitter and removing it from the App Store.

That could create a lot of issues including possible lawsuits.

Since Apple is governed by the law and the uniform commercial code spells out several things that might create a serious problem for Apple.

The biggest problem is trust!

How can you trust Apple when they start to advocate for Anti American!

Anti American What is Anti American Behavior?

Silencing Free Speech…

Supporting the Censorship of social media…

When you censor Twitter you are Censoring the very people who you want to buy your phones.

Just last year Apple saw a huge drop in revenue in its App Store after they lost a lawsuit.

But apparently that did not slow down bad decisions by Apple more so when it comes to the wildly popular social media platform Twitter.

With Millions and Millions of users many of who buy Apple Products it is amazing to see a news story about how Apple is playing games with Free Speech…

Of course Apple is probably going to say it’s all rumors but is it really
a rumor?

When Apple starts to make serious mistakes it is definitely time to consider if you support Apple when it begins to make these big mistakes because certainly the stock holders do not want to see a big financial mistake and the bad press that comes along with that error.

It is unlikely that Apple will pull the twitter app from the app store but if they do they can expect players to start shorting their stock.

Along with the bigger supply issue in China when you start to add those issues up it could spell a disaster for Apple stock in the short term.

One thing is for sure congress is going to be asking questions on the record…



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