AP Fact check?

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You know years ago the AP was a respected news organization…

What happened to the AP anyway?

The reason why the AP has degraded into a pit of darkness is something of a mystery but only to those that are running this organization into the ground. What is this anyway?

Take a close look at the above image…

FACT checks ?

I know this is difficult to understand but this is a post

(a funny post highlighting sports).

Yes, a sports cartoon! FACT CHECKED BY THE AP!

What we have here is a serious problem…

The AP which was at one time respected has now become little more than a misinformation platform.

So, now we have a situation where the AP is engaged in Fact Checking Everything?



This is real and believe me I could not believe my eyes when on Facebook I saw the image posted above.

There is no way that anything like this should ever happen in a world where the Press is actually doing its job.

What this represents is not what it seems to be but it is out of control.

Facebook is allowing this to happen make no mistake there is a big reason why facebook or Meta LOL is losing money!

What you see above is political intervention along the lines of Pravda.

How can this happen on Facebook?

What this shows is that the AP is not checking facts at all but using the facebook platform AKA meta as a way to silence sports lovers all over the globe?

No that is not it at all they (the AP) are so engaged in censoring content on facebook that they are using a robot, (Artificial Intelligence) or a method of censoring large amounts of data that the AP feel needs to be checked ?

What this means is that it is not about Fact checking at all.

How could you be checking a fact?

Think about it, how could you be fact checking when you have not even read the content that is being blocked and or manipulating the public’s perception of what you think is a debatable argument.

Make no mistake Facebook is playing a role in this abuse and it must stop because we know what has been happening inside facebook and that is also something that must stop!

When you have to use a robot to censor and or fact check things you think are political then you are not fact checking anything at all.

What you are doing is blocking content using facebook to do it and Facebook is allowing this to happen..

In case you missed the issue here Facebook is being used by the AP as a means of blocking content they think is missing something that only they can fully explain…

We would love to see what the AP has to say about this issue…

The only thing that really makes any sense is that Facebook is allowing this to happen.

Facebook is creating a situation where there is no freedom for anyone other than the AP

Why is that allowed to happen?

Today we see what can happen when the truth is snuffed out by ignorance!