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Poverty has always been an issue from the beginning of our recorded history we know that this has been a problem.
Yet, today we still have so many problems and for the most part no one really cares.

Yes a few here and there devote their lives to helping the poor.

That is great, but its not enough.

We have money that is being spent foolishly. For example,
Millions of dollars were distributed to help get people off the streets and into housing.
There are thousands of homes just sitting there and few people can get a loan to get into the home.

Millions of dollars were given to organizations that were designed to help the homeless but where did all that money go to?
How many charities took that money and did nothing to help the poor. Seriously, there were organizations that took money but provided almost no service to the community.

These people need to be investigated and incarcerated.
Fix the problem, these organizations that take money and basically steal it need to be held accountable.
The thing is they will do nothing. If you want to know what will reduce poverty, American Technology and small business relationships.