Anti American Anti Gun Anti Congress

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Where does it stop no one knows.


It used to be that in the days of American Greatness we were a proud people that might boast that we lived in the greatest nation.

This was once a great nation and a great place to live but that is changing because we have a few self important people that think that they have nothing to answer for or none to answer to.

You can change that in 2014 by getting off your butts and voting instead of sitting in front of the TV listening to a corrupted media tell you there is no hope and that you should just put another pizza in the microwave.

But the truth is very different, If you find your representative has or will vote for gun control laws when the laws we have on the books are not being enforced, then its time to vote that coward out of office.

The People are the government not a few we are not a dictatorship.

Remember the Affordable health care act, (no one thought it would ever go through but the cowards in office bent over and allowed the unspeakable to happen.

Behind closed doors, the wheeling and dealing in Congress is heating up.

Harry Reid is doing anything and everything possible to ram gun control through the Senate.

Right now, it appears that — beginning Tuesday — the Senate showdown on the Feinstein Gun Ban, Magazine Bans, the Toomey-Manchin Gun Registration Bill and perhaps even more will kick off.

Timothy , I know I’ve asked all National Association for Gun Rights’ members and supporters for a lot lately . . .

But today — with Senate gun control fights coming to a head — I must ask you to go a step further by signing up for NAGR’s FRONTLINE DEFENDER monthly-contributor program.

This is the single most important step you can make to protect our gun rights into the future.

In fact, this is so important that for every patriot who signs up as a FRONTLINE DEFENDER this weekend — even if it’s with a $10 or $20 monthly contribution — I’m offering a special FRONTLINE DEFENDER T-shirt in addition to the usual gifts you’ll receive.