Banning Guns Does nothing,…

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Imagine for a moment that we really wanted to make a difference.

You know how it works, to really change the world you have to offer something that will actually work.

Recently we saw another violent and horrible result of what happens when a family has dissolved, leaving no father in the home and a mother that did not secure guns in her home from what was obviously a mentally disturbed and evil individual.

This Criminal did not own the guns used in the Sandy hook tragedy.

He did not have the ability to purchase ammunition without using another persons Identification.

The School did not have proper protection in place for the children that were attending that school.

The school failed those children, you did not fail them, the state failed them.

Had there been one armed guard on duty we would not be having this discussion right now.

WE protect our nations courts and we protect our police stations, why not our children.

How heartless can you be to say that our children do not deserve the same protections we give to old and wrinkled men and women sitting on a bench in a dusty old office.

That my friends is why you need to vote in 2014 because we have become lost and we have forgotten where this great nation came from, but vote and you can send a message to Washington that it is time to get back to what we used to be a great nation unafraid of the fools that would enslave the world.

We have to all Vote, If not then you will have a wrinkled old woman telling you that you cannot learn to read because it would be a burden on society, sounds crazy does it not, but it happened in the past, simply because in the past those that were ignorant and could not read were easy to enslave.

Vote, because your smarter than those who are in office now.

Now that it is officially 2014 we come to the most important voting election in this nations history.

Political ads are already