American Health Care Fiasco

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The big Fiasco here is something that no one is talking about. 

Just today the Fox News Out Numbered Panel discussed the Health Care Issues.

No one talked about the one thing that caused the Affordable Health Care Act to fail in the first place.

That is incredible.

The Gorilla in the Room here is simply the marketplace where health care insurance is developed.

Until you address the Insurance Market you will never fix Health Care. 

Everyone is talking about how to fix Health Care but No one is considering the insurance marketplace.

That is where the real problem exists.

Just before it became clear that some form of the Obama Care and or Affordable Care Act was going into effect Insurance companies did a seriously dirty trick and no one in the Media covered it, certainly they had to be aware that it was happening and for some reason choose not to address it or cover the story in any way shape or form.

Case in point.

Humana Care had a premium medicare option called the Gold Plan.

Under this plan prescriptions were covered as well as a very generous 100 dollar deductible for surgery.

Just before the Obama Care bill was passed Humana changed its Gold plan and effectively gutted it.

Surgeries went from a $100 deductible to a 20 percent add on fee.

All procedures went to 20%

Now you can add up everything they did if your a math genius but for the rest of us what happened was that you were going to be paying a higher premium and paying 20 percent more on average for what ever level of health care you needed.

None of this was covered by the Media. 

Additionally insurance rates went up and up and up and coverage went down.

Insurance companies raked in Millions on this deal and where did all that money go when they withdrew from the marketplace?

The deal is a simple one until you deal with the dishonesty in the Insurance industry your not going to fix health care.


Health Insurance is broken it does not work for the people who pay the premiums.

Basically you have an organization that is collecting huge amounts of profits and expending little by way of coverage payouts.

Again If you don’t address this issue you can’t fix health care I don’t care how good of a deal maker you are.

What really puzzles me is this simple premise. 

If our elected leaders such as the speaker of the house are so smart why can’t they see that Health Care is not broken Insurance companies are Broken.

We need Insurance Regulation and Real Competition in the form of non profit insurance companies to compete with those that are bilking medicare out of millions of dollars of Senior health care dollars and then paying their CEOs large sums of money along with profiting at an alarming rate considering insurance companies are banking big bucks both before and after the Affordable Care Fiasco what makes anyone think that this is going to fix the problem at all?

When I hear people on the News talk about millions of people who will not have insurance after the latest incarnation of “Let Fix Health Care” I have to wonder if they are really that ignorant.

Are they that ignorant?

Right now Millions of people do not have health insurance at all. 

Those Millions that have health care lite with large deductibles that require you to spend thousands of dollars before your policy pays a dime now that is not insurance at all.

So when I hear someone talk about the CBO says this or that I have to wonder are they just plain stupid?

I am willing to bet you can’t find anyone that has this so called Obama Care right now that has used it.

I bet you can’t find one single person that is paying into Obama Care and has benefited from getting a procedure done. 

You can’t do it because there are none and furthermore it does not even exist.

Obama Care failed years ago when the Insurance companies changed and rigged the game before the bill was passed.

They collected premiums anticipating higher costs that never materialized they banked that money.

They raised rates anticipating higher costs that never happened.

Again they banked that money. 

So, really all you people out there that think you know what is going on your really don’t.

Again for the record until you address the blatant dishonest in the insurance industry you can’t fix health care.