Accurate News Coverage?

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In this election cycle we have all learned something that has been a problem for many years.

Many of us knew this already was a problem.

Many more of us are now aware and awake to the problem here that is something that is known to be an illness.

Many of the people in the media that are presenting the news must be mentally ill.

There is no other explanation, they must be sick, because why else would someone seek to be so dishonest and distasteful in light of how we as a nation expect society to behave.


We see this constant example of bias in the media but it is now more than bias it has become an adversarial relationship.

What the media do not seem to understand here is that the vast majority of people are not like the media.

They live fairly normal lives, they go to work, they put gas in their cars, they purchase and prepare their own food, they understand the reality of what it means to live and survive.

The greatest disparity we face now is this idea that a hand full of producers somehow can present this distorted and dishonest view of america and that is just ok.

Its not ok, its a crock of lies, stewing in a soup of insanity.

What really surprises most people about how sick and disrespectful the media have become is in the companies that choose to advertise on these dishonest networks.

Its like they do not understand that by associating themselves with the type of sick mentality that the media have displayed over the last ten years and more is ok with consumers.

ITs Not OK…