A leaderless Nation.

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We find ourselves in a time of great peril when most of America are wondering who is really making decisions.

Today as most of America were wondering what is the next crisis that Americans will have to face We learn that a Banana Republic Move was made bypassing the usual and normal use of the Fisa Courts.

We find out that the White house were “UN Aware” of the methods and Modality that used a Magistrate Judge instead of the normal protocols that are in place to preserve the Constitution and the Freedom that this document Guarantees.

This is not the first time that a Prosecutor has done something that was in a grey area however this is the first time that any agency has attempted to do an end run around the constitution and the FISA courts.

This is very concerning because it shows that we have a government that is leaderless.

When you have no leader the mice will play.

America has sunk to a new low and it is up to the people to vote in this upcoming election because if we fail to do so we could find ourselves living in a third rate nation with no laws.

It is difficult to watch more so for Veterans who have sacrificed so much in order to preserve freedom yet we have children who are running around in the hallways with dangerous power.

IF congress fails to address this problem and actually attempts to defend what happened yesterday, the People will vote and they will vote because they know that what this nation has become is wrong.

We cannot trust the Media, We cannot trust polls, now it appears that we cannot trust Congress.

This is hard and it is difficult but we as a nation and a people have overcome in the past.

Yet, our leaders are like spineless jellyfish who put on a good dog and pony show but fail to do anything else.

It is time to do more than Talk!

Congress must take action and not just talk about how outraged they are but actually take legal steps to address this out of control situation.

It is time for the people to take back this nation from corrupt people who do not care about the people of this nation.