40 million donations to Democrats in midterm elections?

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It seems a little on the insane side considering the election issues that have plagued American Election events over the last four years.

But what is the real truth is it a problem?

It is a problem…

Could this happen to other billionaires who have put huge amounts of money into the pockets of democrats?

You would think that it is impossible to watch wealthy democrats putting this much money into an election after the huge problem that facebook had in regard to putting millions of dollars into questionable activities.

There have been many calls for democrats to return this ill gotten campaign funds that were “donated” to democrats.

What happened?

How did this happen in a nation with many laws governing campaigns but apparently people still feel like they can just do whatever they want and no one will ever pay the price for the crime.

This may be about to change at least most of the voters in this nation want to see some serious change when it comes to questionable campaign violations that most of the time the powers that be just look the other way.

In fact the media are in a really bad position here what is the truth and will the media report on that truth or will it be the way it always is with the media.

Look what the WaPO put out..

is the Media lying? or are their lips just moving?

Which headline makes more sense?

That BAnkman is an alleged Thief, Criminal, Foreign actor?

Or is the Washington post headline just another example of how messed up the media really are when it comes to reporting..

Of the two headlines it appears that CNN may be more on the right track.

I guess the media would rather play games with headlines or tell lies rather than report the truth.

One thing for sure campaign finance is a dirty slimy swamp that needs to be fixed.

The thing about the truth is that when the media tell more lies to cover up the lies they have already told it looks exactly like what it is…