28-year-old German “refugees welcome” activist, was found dead

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The truth sometimes can be a sad reminder that just because you “believe in something” does not mean it is actually safe to practice what you preach.

You feel really bad for her and her family because she was a nice young lady who had a bright future..

but, What a sad ending to such a bright trusting young life.


Sophia Lösche, a 28-year-old German “refugees welcome” activist, was found dead yesterday around 3.20 pm at the Egino gas station in the community of Asparrena in Álava, Spain, Bild reports.

For a week, nothing was known about her whereabouts since she boarded a truck with Moroccan license plates in Schkeuditz, East Germany. She hitchhiked to her hometown Bamberg, about 260 kilometers south.

A Civil Guard traffic control stopped the truck on Tuesday on a road near the Spanish city of Bailén in Jaén. The driver wanted to go to the Strait of Gibraltar, take a ferry and get off in Morocco, where he wanted to protect himself from European justice.

There is no doubt that many of these crimes against young woman are the direct result of a serious problem.

In most of the sane world the idea of this type of crime and justifying it by cause of belief?

So, if that were logical then someone could steal from a bank because that person does not believe in the practice of charging huge amounts of interest on loans, (while most people may agree that a lot of banks charge too much and lend too little) the idea of robbing a bank is not something that most people would consider.

No doubt part of the defense might be the depiction and degradation of woman in western society in some movies and some other forms of video that are obscene, still no matter what you believe, violence against anyone is wrong.

Violence against a woman who often are not as able to defend themselves (though not always) is truly despicable.

I know of no religious people that believe in rape…

Not even those that may think that some certain beliefs are ok, they are not ok…

Sadly this reminds us that there are a lot of liberals and far left zealots, here in this nation that believe the same way that this young woman believed up until the moment she decided to get into a truck with a man that she did not know and who also happened to be a refugee.


Probably not as much as you might think…

Just consider this many of the left here in this nation believe the same way, but all in all, If they were to actually end up in one of these nations where it is not safe to be on the streets at night…

They might have to learn a terrible truth about how wrong they truly are about what they believe in.