2016 Presidential Election

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An Amazing fact that you will not view on Broadcast Media is the idea that the truth is something that the average voter will not be able to understand.

    There are so many inconsistancies in coverage of the upcoming 2016 Election Process.

You see coverage in the so called, “Main Stream Media” that is so obviously biased that even the most jaded voter can see through the silly ignorance of how the media distorts the truth.

This is not anything new however what is new is that voters are not as ignorant as they were back in the 1950s.

What is interesting here is that the media appear to believe that voters have not gained any intelligence since the 1950s.

The media believes that most voters are just too stupid to understand the truth so they have to flavor it and add special sauce so that voters can understand what the media believes to be the truth.

There are even books dedicated to how dishonest the media actually are.

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