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Time to send harry home.

Nevada, it is time to have a new leader, corruption, in Washington is at a level not seen in the past, this is just crazy its time to send a message that when you tend the flocks of the special interests, then its time for you to go home.

The Campaign against Harry Reid it is time to vote this guy out of office he has been up there far too long, he is no longer (allegedly) an effective leader it is time for new leadershiop.

Received from a great group of people, and people from all across america, if you are sick of the alleged lies and corruption, in congress and the senate, then it is time to get these old people out of office.

Patriots From Across the Country Rally To Counter Reid’s Million Dollar Smear Campaign!

Dear Patriot,

Last week our Radio ad went on the air and the response from across Nevada has been fantastic.  Our office has been flooded with emails from people who needed to hear the blatant hypocrisy of Harry Reid attacking Sharron Angle on social security.  The ad campaign which reached voters in every critical portion of the state was only made possible by your support!  Thank you!

The ad is critical because it addresses Harry Reid’s primary attack on Sharron Angle and highlights how during his decades in Congress Reid has raided the “lock box”, leaving Social Security on the verge of bankruptcy.  When we talk to our fellow Nevadans it has become clear that this ad is making a difference, so we have decided to double down our efforts!  We have secured a professional studio to help us remake the ad, and will relaunch the ad on a much larger scale.

In order to make this happen we need to raise $15,000 in the next 3 days/72 hours!  Help us reach this goal by making a generous contribution:  ——HERE——–

Every contribution makes a difference, but in order to reach our goal we are asking that 20 people give $500+ by Tuesday at midnight!  Wednesday we will send our a list of every patriot who his able to make a contribution of at least $100!  With your help we remove Harry Reid from Washington! Please make your generous contribution of $10, $25, $50, or join the list by making a contribution of $100 or  $500 by clicking

As always you can send your contribution to:

Western Representation PAC

PO BOX 50655

Sparks, Nevada, 89435