Tea Party Targeted

Was the Tea Party Targeted and then was the MEDIA a part of down playing what was happening?

Not only was this something that everyone should be concerned about it was news and it was not reported.

¬†Should we all start learning the Chinese Language…

This is a publication received though email.


I have troubling news to report.

News that was NOT announced publicly by the United States government, that is.

In an unprecedented agreement, the U.S. Treasury has agreed to give China direct access to its auctions.

Per the deal, China is allowed to bypass Wall Street, and purchase Treasury Bills without placing any bids through primary dealers.

The deal wasn’t announced publicly or in any message to primary dealers.

Never before… Not in the entire 237-year history of this great country has any foreign government been granted such intimate access to Capitol Hill.

Although there are no laws being broken, the Treasury’s accommodation of China is definitely suspicious.

China already holds more than $1.2 trillion in U.S. Treasuries. Before long, China will own 50 cents on every dollar of U.S. debt.

With that in mind, I must ask a very difficult question…

Has the United States ALREADY lost its sovereignty to China?

Yes, China now owns/runs the United States.

No, the United States remains an independent nation.

I’ve seen the poll results, and they’re shocking.

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  1. election

    The truth about what the IRS has allegedly done is very disturbing, not only that but if it is true, then when the republicans next get into the white house. Democrats have nothing to complain about when and if allegedly the IRS starts to target left leaning organizations. Since we now have a referendum, on allowing an administration to control what the IRS does then the democrats can never complain when this happens again.

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