Democrat Party Doomed?

Is this the end of the Democrat Party?

Is it imploding on National TV with the help of the Media?

It certainly looks like that is the case.


When you examine what is happening and the way that it is happening you can see that the true nature of the democrat party is beginning to emerge.

But is it really fair to say that all of the democrat party is like this?

Well, No its not but just like so many that refuse to stand up and say no to bad behavior by a few of its members in nation states in the middle east by saying nothing and by doing nothing you are in effect condoning and agreeing with the bad behavior of what the minority of people in your organization are doing. Continue reading…

Senate the party of no?



 Defense Cuts, medicare cuts?

What are they thinking, who is writing these bills is it not in the constitution that spending bills shall originate in the house?

Harry Reid has once again failed the American People, he wanted a vote on his bill, but he

will not allow a vote on any other bill this is outrageous, he needs to be recalled and replaced.

Is Harry Reid, the real party of NO?

Is the Senate that is led by Democrat Harry Reid, the real party of no?

Are they the ones that are standing in the way of real progress?

What plan has Harry Reid brought up for a vote?


Are they not the ones that are saying NO, if you think about it for just a moment it is really very clear who the party of No really is here and you know it just like 80 percent of the American public knows it.

Why do they blame everyone but themselves for the problems that they have
created by refusing to take action on a balanced budget. 

Why would anyone not want to balance the budget?

What does Harry Reid have against balancing the budget?

The stock market losses are huge, and the Senate has failed to act, the house passed not one bill but two bills that would work, perhaps not perfect but they would work, so what is next will Harry and the democrats say no and no and no.

If they say no, then are they not then the party of no?

Democrats, the real party of no.



election in NY


means Republican in Name Only

So what is up with all the fake conservatives…

Fake Canidates, Fake Conservatives, Fake Elections what is next a Fake Washington?

From an email just received, people this is important and we must answer the challenge of what it means to be an American.

We’ve got a lot of important political battles on our hands, friends, but there’s a very important Special Election for Congress that’s fast approaching – and we urgently need your help.

It’s the NY-26 Special Election and up for grabs is a seat once held by Republican Chris Lee.  Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress not only want to win so they can take away another GOP vote in Congress, but they know if they win they can claim that “momentum” has swung to the Democrat Party, and thus Republicans would be expected to “cave” on their principles over such issues as the debt ceiling and 2012 budget.

To show how dirty they are, there is not just a Democrat candidate running, but a fake tea party candidate they got to run.  This person (Jack Davis) already ran for Congress as a Democrat candidate in 2003, 2006 and 2008.  They registered a bogus “tea party – political party” and got Davis to run.  He’s now taking 23% of the vote – much of it votes from what would have gone to the Conservative Republican (Jane Corwin).

But that’s not all.  Remember the left-wing activist, Ian Murphy, who called Gov. Scott Brown pretending to be a Koch brother in an attempt to embarrass Gov. Walker?  He’s running too – this time in an attempt to embarrass the GOP by trying to turn this seat from a Republican seat to a Democrat seat.

This weekend we here at The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama will be unveiling a brand new ad campaign in support of Conservative Republican Jane Corwin.

The Special Election is May 24th, so we’ve got to get moving on this ad campaign supporting Corwin ASAP.

Please, make the most generous contribution you can to our Special Election fund here atThe Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

We’re looking for 250 people to contribute $100 or more in the next 24 hours to meet our goal, and 75 people to contribute $500 or more – CLICK HERE TO DONATE.