Virginia Gov Race heats up

This is really hard to understand, when you look at the election results you can clearly see how democrats can win every race this year and it is a simple reason, a divided voter base for Republicans, now that is an issue.

The third party candidate is actually creating risk for the two party system, is that good?

No its not.

This could have been a big win for one party but as it is now it is up in the air and we all know what happens when a race is up in the air.


man sues girlfriend for being dumped

Now this is a somewhat interesting situation, considering this happens probably a lot.

Here is the basic information on this case and a few other cases that have been going through the courts both in the United States and in some other Nations.

The base premise here is that the woman used the man for financial gain by making promises of a future long term relationship when she actually had no intention of following through with the relationship. 

Relationships end for many different reasons, sometimes we do not fully understand what happened.

However there are some cases where financial payments made during a relationship could be said to be somewhat dependent upon the expectations of each party.

When a man expects the relationship to continue and has no reason to believe that the other party is in fact already dating someone else then financial consideration for medical bills, support and maintenance might be viewed by the court as fraud or larceny in some instances, depending on what those individual circumstances.

There are a certain class of women that do this on a regular basis and they in fact are professionals at extracting payments and gifts from men.

Until recently however most of the time the male was too embarrassed by being deceived and treated like a mark that most of the time these situations never make it to court.

That is changing, for example lets take a fictional situation where a woman is dating a man and has been for one year.

But secretly she has also been dating other men unknown to the man that she is dating now.

If the woman gets financial payments from her long term relationship then later once she has received what she wants from the man then she dumps him often without ceremony and then proceeds to enter a full time relationship with the other man she has been secretly dating.

This happens all the time and most of the time things never reach the level of the courts except for when in some instances the abuse created by the woman rises to a criminal level or civil level.

In our fictional account the woman has cancer and establishes a relationship making promises about love life and a long term commitment.

After the woman receives medical treatment and is cured of the cancer she then dumps the man that paid for the medical treatment depriving him of her company and the promises she made to him depriving him of love and promises that she promised were a part of their relationship.

This would be called a breach of promise.

Most of the time as stated previously these instances do not create long term issues however in this case the man that is now deprived of a relationship is now in financial distress because he committed all of his financial resources to help his mate become well expecting that once the woman was successfully treated that he would have a long term continuing relationship with the woman.

What happened was the opposite, once the treatment was completed and paid for the woman began a long term relationship with another man who did not have to pay for the medical treatment and had no standing.

This might be a good case for Guy Court.

Just in case your wondering here is one link to one of the ten cases we found.





Media Election Bias

Yet again we come into another election season which for the most part appears to be more of the same from a very biased media.

You can always tell when someone is going to be a biased reporter because of how they say something.

This election season were going to see yet another year of spin and an increasingly strident name calling by the media.


The election in Virgina will be at the fore front of this campaign of Non information.


If the Republicans win, the media will say that this is not a referendum on the white house.

If the Democrats win the media will say that the republicans have clearly been hurt by the democrats by a Senate that refuses to pass a budget.

 The truth about this election is that the independent candidate in this election is alleged to have been supported by an alleged democrat in an effort to water down the republican vote.

You may not even see this news story in the main stream news, but that is the alleged truth.

Keep your perspective and ignore the media in favor or a more balanced approach to the news.

The internet is becoming a better and more reliable method of obtaining news because of the simple fact that people that write content online are less apt to create news based on an agenda, but if that were the case people can decide for themselves if they like the content or not.

The days of blindly believing the biased media just because you see it on TV are OVER.