Hate Crimes…

It is time that we dispense with the idea that what we saw today was because of someone that was crazy…

What we saw happen today was a HATE CRIME…

The official word is that it is too early to say exactly what the crime was that was committed by a man who appears to have been a man who hated republicans.


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Insane Democrats

When you begin to look at how strange the questions that are asked by democrats on the so called Russia investigation.

Jeff Sessions did a great job.

The democrats are doing a fantastic job in convincing voters that they do not deserve to be elected to congress ever again.

There are none…

After months of investigations, nothing has been revealed that supports anything the media have been promoting.

But the truth is there is nothing, Nothing at all. 

No evidence, nothing. 

So, how long do we sit here and continue to play these games.

There is no obstruction, there is nothing that has been developed period.

No one cares. 

But one thing is for sure democrats are showing who they really are.

Making the 2018 election a top issue for Americans to once and for all prove to democrats that they are in the minority.


Comey Memo?

What if there is no Spoon?

Ok, yes its a little crazy but what if there is no Memo either…

These days its almost like when we see a story published by the Media we have to start to question reality.

What if there never was a memo?

What if everything  you think you know is only one side of what the truth really is?

That would be a bit like waking up and finding out that the Matrix is actually real right?

We tend to look at life as if it is only made up of a stream of events that we either believe is true or we understand that opinion is something that can be subjective.

Right now the Mass Media are doing everything they can think of to try to see if there is anything they can continue to report about with respect to the false story and now proven Fake News that has been running in the cable and broadcast journalism markets.

We see nothing about what the reality actually is. 

All the while we see large media is moving ever closer to insolvency and bankruptcy because they refuse to understand the true nature of life in a digital age.

Everything has changed we are a digital world now yet the media still do not understand this essential fact.

They continue to lie to the public and to deceive the public.

They do not seem to understand that freedom of the press does not include reckless acts.

The famous statement that yelling Fire in a theater is not free speech.

Interested in a different viewpoint?

What we have seen over the last several years is like watching something out of a movie.

When is enough?

We essentially have a media that is interfering with the election process in a meaningful way.

They are doing things that make the Russian Collusion “Story” look like a bad spy movie plot.

Yet, you see very little information about the background of James Comey…

Why is that?

What about the gentleman that Comey choose to “leak” information which ended up in the press?

What background or ideological persuasion does he exhibit?

What happened to the “Rest of the story”

Gowdy 1 Comey 0

This is a great video…

How important is the truth when you look at what is happening here.

The classified truth…

Who did more to interfere with the election process…

The Media with its attacks on one candidate while protecting the other candidate?

Feckless public officials with nothing but political propaganda to dish out?

When you watch this video it becomes clear what is really going on here and that is the truth.

Media collision with the truth

Imagine what might happen if the Media actually had to tell the truth…

Looking at the truth…


While the Democrats just want to cling to the lies that never worked to begin with.

When you hear what is going on here you have to really question what the media have to talk about any more.

The man is and likely still is politically motivated.

The real problem here is that the Media want to try to take magnifying glass to try to start a wild fire but there just is nothing there.

American Voters See the truth here.


Megyn Kelly embaresses herself

Is it true that Megyn Kelly is clueless concerning national politics…

Did she in fact create serious problems by talking about these very serious problems in a way that proves that she had no idea what she was talking about.

In a room full of Men that have little trust in western democracy should we still be surprised at the attempt made by Kelly to provide some form of questioning in a forum as an american reporter representing a tool of liberal alleged fascism?

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Kathy Griffin Treason?

Has Kathy Griffin committed treason?

I suspect that if this were done when Obama was in office and if this were done by someone that was not a liberal, then there would have been really bad things happening.

But can the American People allow this Hanoi Jane incident to pass?

“Hanoi Jane” Fonda after “aiding and abetting” the enemy…

Now this is something that you could really compare at least in a way that puts things into a rough comparison.

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Mind Numbly Stupid

Alzheimers, dementia?  Is it possible?  Is it true?

Trey gowdy on Nancy Pelosi

Now, no one knows for sure but this is perhaps one of the best arguments for term limits…

We must have a limit on senators so that we can indeed drain the swamp.