Judge Roy Moore

Alabama is a great state to live in and to raise your children. 

The people of Alabama are still like they have always been, true southern hospitality and faith in God.

Recently we have been attacked by big Washington Politics seeking to change the minds of the people of the state of Alabama.

The truth here is something that outside Washington Political leaders just do not understand and there is only one reason why they can’t understand why the people of Alabama prefer Judge Roy Moore.

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Time for Ryan to Resign?

In many ways it is becoming clear that when given the opportunity to criticize President Trump this man will take that opportunity regardless of what the people of the United States want?

Why is this even happening?

Why have so many appointments not been made?

Why is the Senate not co-operating with the President?

There are so many questions that beg the idea is it time to stop supporting the GOP?

Should we abandon the GOP?

It really looks like they have abandoned us.  Of the 197 Presidential nominations to agencies, the Senate has only confirmed 48

Here is the reply by a Veteran of the US Airforce.

“After all the times you’ve seen Antifa attack people who were peacefully demonstrating, how can you call them anything but what they are – domestic terrorists? The Nazi’s and KKK that marched in Charlottesville were abhorrent to every American that is a Patriot. However, the violence didn’t start until Antifa showed up to start it. This weekend in Berkley is a classic example of the MANY times Antifa has attacked conservatives. Why do you legitimize domestic terrorism by not calling it what it is?

“Also, sir, I would like to say that I am sorely disappointed in your lack of support for President Trump. While I applaud you efforts with healthcare reform, as paltry as they were, at least you did something, unlike Senator McConnell.

“There’s something you must understand, sir. President Trump started a movement that has become much larger than him. MAGA has taken hold of conservatives and pretty much anyone that is more center than anything. Take me, for instance. I am a registered Republican who tends to vote right of center, but after the appalling display of Republic ineptitude exhibited since the President’s inauguration, I’m more apt to vote independent. As a matter of fact, I and millions more would be thrilled if the President and his staunchest supporters founded a new party that represents the *actual values* that Republicans say they do.

“We are here sir, and we are watching you. Don’t think for a moment that we the people will continue to all you and your ilk to lie, cheat, and steal from us. We’re tired of it. We won’t take Antifa’s and the Alt-Left’s path and resort to violence. No. We’ll stop opening our wallets for your campaigns, and we’ll cast our cotes elsewhere. That’s what will really get our point across.

“MAGA is indeed bigger than the President, but we still love him and stand by him 100%. Donald Trump has become the champion of the people — people like me. And there are tens of millions of us. Tread carefully, Mr. Speaker.”

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Air Force Veteran!


Delusion and Danger

The events of the past few weeks should be alarming to many Americans.

We have seen a Police Department setup an unsecure and arguably insane setup for a scheduled event where the public safety was put in jeopardy then when the violence started as anyone could have predicted it would have, the police are ordered to stand down.

What is wrong with a city where its citizens are abandoned by the police?

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Should the Media be punished?

The reality of what we are seeing happening now is that it was ok when the previous administration wiretapped journalists but now it’s not ok?

The Media Speak With a Forked Tongue.

We see how the Press are playing around with the truth in order to subvert the will of the people.

They constantly show you all of this anti news about everything but what is really happening in the US.

While they constantly talk about President Trump or someone that President Trump has picked to do a job what is really going on in the world around you?

 Rusting into Darkness.

Just think about what is really going on while the press focus on meaningless lies that they created.

This is about the press and what they have ceased to become.

If you think that this does not matter…

It seems the only place to find information is online and they want to control that too.


Will President Trump do it?

This seems to be the real question after months of Media Attacks and Smoke and mirror tactics.

When people in the White House leaks stories that turn out to be lies but the media only reports the lie and not the revealed truth which creates distrust between the Press and the American People.

When Members of Congress actively plot to resist the President on matters of State and matters that effect the People of the United States.

Will President Trump allow this illegal and unconstitutional behavior by the press and by members of the Senate that have in essence betrayed to the people who voted for them.

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Why the Media cannot be trusted

Do the right thing…

Observe the Golden Rule. . .

Right and Wrong…

We know what right and wrong is.

Most people are decent law abiding and personally responsible people.

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The Freedom of Choice…

Right now you have a choice.

What you choose to do with that choice could very well change the way you experience the world.

This is a very serious problem and I urge you to take action and stop large corporations from taking over the internet.

Once again cable companies and powerful ever expanding companies such as ATT and other large organizations seek to change the way you experience the Internet.

They want to dictate to you what you can see and what you can hear online.

They want to charge you more money to watch programming that you can now get on outlets other than ATT, Comcast, •

Comcast. The largest cable provider in the U.S., Comcast provides services to over 17 million internet

• AT&T. …
• Time Warner Cable. …
• CenturyLink. …
• Charter. …
• Verizon. …
• Cox. …
• Frontier.

Reportedly These companies and other like them want to be able to control what you can see and what you can learn online.

They want to create something just like what Cable TV is now, an over priced concoction of repeated programming like DirecTV and others that simply want to be able to control what you see think and do online.

This is serious not just because of what it means if they are successful in controlling and taking over the Internet but also because of how the media have been creating Fake news stories about Russian Collusion.

WE know its not real news.

They want to take away your choices to be able to become informed and learn about what is really going on in the world.


Simple, once they control the internet there will no longer be any real news to watch.

They will tell you what you can watch online, what you can learn, think political correctness gone insane.

This they will do so that they can define what news is and they want to do this because you now have a choice.

You have a choice in what you watch and where you get your news.

Once this bill goes into effect that choice will disappear.

Imagine being forced to watch CNN all the time all day long.

That is what this is all about and make no mistake the freedom that you now enjoy will be taken away.

Not at first but little by little until there are no competing view points left online.

They will do this by slowing increasing the price and cost of doing business online until only large corporations can afford to be online.

That is the way it is now with Cable and local broadcasting stations and even some radio stations.

It is no longer affordable to engage in advertising in the national marketplace.

Small business organizations cannot afford to advertise and so they found a haven online.

Right now just about anyone can create a website and compete with larger organizations.

Millions and millions of small businesses are online today and it is not because of large corporations, it is because of the freedom of the internet.

They want to take that away.

Please take some time to voice your opposition to this madness and insanity.

WE cannot afford to allow the CNNS of the world to take over the internet.

Join Us in the Fight for Net Neutrality

term limits why we really need them now.

One of the problems with Washington is that once most of these politicians get a position in congress they don’t want to leave.


For some reason once a majority of these professional hypocrites gets in office you can’t get them to retire.

They don’t want to quite.


Free health care, Great Pay, the best food and free travel all over the world?

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Sarah Huckabee Truth about scheming media

Imagine what would happen if the Media were ever faced with the truth about their lying scheming ways…

Can you imagine If the media were fair about reporting the news?

Fake Russia Hoax about the Election created in order to try to help the Media come to terms with the understanding that they lost the election.

353 minutes devoted to attacking President Trump.

That is insanity and it is also not protected by the constitution.