No Voter Fraud…

Remember a while back when the Media were talking about the ridiculous idea that Voter Fraud played a
part in the 2016 election?

What No Way, you mean that the Media were lying again?

that is just hard to imagine.

No Proof Required

Well here we are folks there is no proof required IF your the Media and you want to accuse someone of wrong doing.

You heard it here first…

The latest talking point making its way around the media is the false flag narrative that Proof has not been offered from Trump on accusation of wiretapping the campaign headquarters of Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election.

Can you dig into that folks.

The Far Left weirdo Media require proof in order to believe Trump…

But then can accuse Trump for Six weeks with no proof at all and the American Public is supposed to believe that there is no bias?

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Democrats Had more Flexibility

Remember back when this image apparently shows then president Obama making a statement about flexibility.

What did that mean?

There are a lot of narratives on this but when it comes to how the media report things you have to wonder if they just cannot really do the right thing when it comes to reporting the news in any way shape or form of the truth.


Russian Ambassador Met with Obama Officials in White House SIX Times During Hillary Clinton Uranium Sale to Russia

What is this real?

Why is this not the biggest news story of the decade?

Because its likely that the Media are not interested in telling the truth about what they see as a “coincidence”

We know what happens when you fail to tell the truth and that is something that the Media are having to face now because they do not have credibility.


Partisan Democrats may go to jail

Breaking the law appears to be something that some democrats apparently have no problem with at all.

Considering the recent revelations concerning what the Media have reported that was completely not true.

Examples of Media Lies and potential litigation for treason?

Is the Media really committing Treason?

The truth may be something that is difficult to determine however it does appear that there is a line that is being crossed here and that sooner rather than later we could see some serious consequences for what is happening in the media.

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Democrats criminal charges coming?

Obama Wire Tap Scandal?

Could we see something that has never happened before.

Huge news story out today. 

We could be seeing the worst scandal coming out of the Obama Administration that has been accused of wiretapping illegally.

This would make Nixon look like a boy scout. 

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Media lie and deny

It is truly an amazing thing when you witness the Media deny that they have lied.

They Lie and Deny…

They make fun of the person that accuses them of being dishonest.

They say things like “You must not be Ok because we think your crazy”

Is it possible that the Media have become so dishonest that they cannot be trusted to tell any story at all?

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# Fake News reality and lies

Fake News has become a big news story and it is a new story that the news does not want to cover.

The reason why the Media does not want to cover Fake News is that they are the ones that are creating Fake News.

They want to define it, Control it, Tell it what to do…

They want to tell you what Fake News is all about.

They want to tell you what to think and how to think it because anyone that disagrees with what they have to say is wrong and stupid…

Think about that for a moment.

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the State of Freedom…

The Constitution clearly provides individual states the Freedom to make its own decisions.

Apparently that seems to be a novel concept to many that seem to have this twisted sense of reality.

“Planned Parenthood said it will be a “devastating attack,” if the bill passes the Senate and President Trump signs it. Passage means that states can then choose which healthcare organizations should receive the Title X funds, potentially defunding Planned Parenthood in their state.”

What if Planned Parenthood were really an evil organization?

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Bionic Bird?

It is really hard to imagine that we are about to see a huge increase in Technology…

It is after all something that we have been waiting to see for a long time.

It may actually be about to happen…

You can actually buy this bionic bird but don’t click the link its just there to show you some of the new technology that is out there and some of the ways that technology may be about to change the way we think and do business in a very radical way.

Bionic Bird

For the rest of you, Technology is said to dramatically increase every certain number of years, just like in the early 1900s people were mesmerized by how you could keep things cold without depending on a cellar, yes I know thats corny but its really true when Gasoline was invented people were amazed at what happened, Cars, even simple tasks like cutting the grass were made easy…

Check out this video..

Are We are about to see that kind of amazing jump in technology that made a lot of people very wealthy?

Have you ever watched a movie like Back to the Future and you were amazed at how everything was so different in the past as compared to the future…

Did you ever catch yourself thinking about how great it would be if someone in the past could see a huge money making opportunity and take advantage of it?

The truth is we may be on the cutting edge of an electronic break through that makes cell phones look like the technology of the past.

In some ways this could be like watching the movie 1984 if that logic does not make sense think about some of the other ways this type of technology might impact your privacy…

Check here to see some of the new technology that is out there you can get your hands on today.

What about a Bionic Bird that can See and record video?

Ok, now were taking right…

Drones make a lot of noise but what if you had a robot that was as small as a little lady bug?

It sort of brings new meaning to the phrase “I sure would like to be a fly on the wall”

Yes, were talking about micro technology that just a few years ago would have been impossible even laughable.

A fly on the wall that can record video and audio, LOL, that is just science fiction right?

It could be a little scary though What if you really could be a fly on the wall?

What types of privacy might we be invading or about to be able to invade?

As parent’s we might need to become more aware of how our children may be at risk of being secretly video taped or recorded.

After all it happens every where right, you can see people on cell phones everywhere taking pictures, sending it to social media.

We tell our kids don’t be sending pictures of yourself that you would not want your grandmother or the pastor of the church to see…

Hey, seriously peer pressure is still the biggest bully on the block…

All I am saying is that Technology might be about to take a big leap and for our generation we might be in a position to look into the future and see opportunities that others may not realize are just the beginning of a new revolution of technology…

Just something to think about…

But it is also meant to make you more aware of what micro technology might mean to our grand kids, apart from the negative connotation.